Blogger and I have had a love/hate relationship for over two years now.

Today I took the first step and set up a new blog.

It's true. Never fear, my three faithful readers, all past content can still be found on the new and improved blog.

So click the link already... leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

Check out this great product I ran into today:

These flashcards are available at Beyond a Peanut and I think they are just brilliant. I want to order a set for us ASAP. And I think I'm going to request that the school buy a set as well.

And she's off!

Can you tell how SAD she is to leave us for camp?

*edited to add: I did get a phone call eventually that they arrived safe and sound. She couldn't be bothered to tell me anything other than 'I have to wear my flip flops everywhere in here!' and 'K is my room mate.'

I'm betting she is going to have a blast!

Just some pics

Just some pictures I took after Mass today.

Well, crud, I had some pics of all three kids together... but they flopped. So instead you get Tommy and some birds.


Weekend fun

Well, after dropping K and Tori off for the Summer Bash party at K's house, I ran to get the van estimate done among other errands. Guy thought right around $2k and they'd have to have it for a week. Did warn it could go double that if there was some more damage to the frame. Hard to tell. Ugh. Luckily, the guy's insurance did cover a rental for me as well. Phew! I am SO grateful he came in to tell me. Many people would have just driven off.

Our dream car, since Kate asked, for late 2009 is the Acadia
or the Saturn version of the same thing: The Outlook. The van has been really good to us, I do sometimes think maybe we should get another Honda van. Guess we'll see in a little over a year or so!

Okay, off to do some work. Tim is doing the lawn and I have a big pot of red beans going for tonight. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Yep. TJ gets braces next Thursday.


Our middle school aged youth group went to Sam's Surf City in Pensacola yesterday. That means... bus ride! I thought this was a kinda cool pic I took along the way.

Kids had a great time. I missed Father Williams going down the big slide. Darn! ;-)

Had a guy back into me at the grocery store the other day. At least he was decent enough to come inside and let us know.

Waiting for the call from his insurance today. Hoping it's not a HUGE pain in the rear to get fixed. I do worry that it'll total the car. I hear of that happening so often on damage that doesn't seem that bad. We weren't planning on getting our new family car until Fall of 2009. So, fingers crossed the estimate goes okay.

Today is a laid back day. Kids are hanging out. I'm working. Tori has skating with K's church tonight.

It's all good. :-)


Yeh, two weeks ago, TJ shows me his teeth. Both adult teeth on each side of his top front teeth are trying to come in. Problem is the baby teeth are barely loose. Eh, I figure, no biggie, give it a week or two the baby teeth will get loose, and the adult teeth will drop in.


Last week TJ shows me that both adult teeth have come in... totally come in. High above the baby teeth. Hmmmm, a tad weird. So today I take him to the dentist assuming he'll say 'yep, we'll pull out these baby teeth and the adult ones will drop down.'

He peers into TJ's mouth and says, in an obviously very surprised tone, 'These aren't eye teeth!' Uh, yeh, I knew that, so? Apparently it is not uncommon for this to happen with eye teeth. But for these two teeth to break through symmetrically so high, well, in our dentist's words, 'That's just weird. Plain weird.' Great, I have weird kids. (Like THAT is a news flash.)


He spent a good five minutes having TJ bite down, he wiggled some teeth. Then declared that I'd have to see the orthodontist first.

Oh, for goodness sake!

Bear in mind Tori goes into phase two of her braces in September. I think, I think I need a drink. And a winning lottery ticket if you please.

That's all.

Tim was reading about a food allergy family that carries business cards for eating out to pass along to the Chef. What a great idea, I thought. So I surfed around, found some styles I liked and made one up in Photoshop.

Woo hoo!

Last kid up on two wheels!!

Yep, today Tim took off Tommy's training wheels. Tommy had decreed he didn't want anyone to see him riding a 'baby bike.' He got on and was riding within a few minutes.

Go Tommy!

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