But Tim works this Saturday and it's Summer, so it's really just another day, you know?

Let's see. The boys have started swim lessons at the Grand Hotel this past week. They have done a GREAT job. Tommy will jump into the pool like a little wild man (you expect less of him?) and TJ will totally put his head under the water now. We are working on learning basic swimming strokes. TJ can at least doggy paddle himself to the side now. I can't wait to see how far they get next week.

Tori found out her class assignments for fourth grade today. We were happy to see she has four girls in her class we really like. She was hoping to have class with her best friend, Maggie, but no luck this year! I'm hoping we got another wonderful teacher like last year. Mrs. W was such a great teacher.

Layouts. Got my two finsihed up for Atomic Cupcake but the one I'm just not pleased with. Lately, I have been happy with my gallery when I pop into it to add a layout. I have a vague sense that I'm learning more. But that one... eh. I feel like I owe BriAnna an extra for sending that one in. I tried to force an idea into a sketch challenge... and instead of learning something new I created something I don't love. Guess it will happen when I have assignments to do. But I hope not. If so I'd have to leave some of my teams. I want to enjoy it all, not feel forced... Ok, done with that rant.

Here's the other one I made for AC that I DO love :D Tommy when he was about 19 months, reading with his Daddy.

Then my last one for DigiScrapDivas June Megakit. It's probably my most favorite layout I made this month. And it took maybe 20 minutes. Love that.

Well, I'm about plum tuckered out (Tommy told me that today) so I'm off.


If you scrap...

That's a SNEAK PEAK to the mega kit I mentioned earlier. It contains more than 60 papers, 4 alphas, over 150 elements, and a dozen quick pages.

July 1st, on sale... $10. You need it. You want it. Don't you?!

Don't digiscrap? Buy it and I'll teach you... and yes, Carrie, I'll do a better job than I did with you! I was just too excited having you in town to do a good job! :D


Oh let's just go ahead and face it. I am a slacker blogger! :D That's ok, you know it, I know it... we can move on.

Layouts. Got a few done in the last few days of playdates, birthday parties, swim lessons and general Summer insanity aside.

First up... THIS BOY. Created using a very special kit called "A Special Boy" by Kim Hill and Sue Jones and will be available at Guardian Peas on July 1st. Be sure to check out all the awesome kits created for such a worthwhile fundraiser, helping out some of our digi peas children who are battling cancer. I will also be co-hosting a Bingo Chat at 7 p.m. on July 7th over at DSD in the chat room. Be sure to pick up your card and get it sent in PRIOR to the chat. But Amy and I will have to get out act together and MAKE a card! Give us a day or two, ok?! ;)

This layout was made with Amber Clegg's (AmsDigiScraps) new kit Delicate Days. I enjoyed the soft sweet feel of everything in this kit. Kinda went Shabby, not my usual style, but I was happy with the result. Another indication that I, as an artist, have no definitive style. Sigh...

Built Tough is another one of Amber's kits. LOVE the metal elements in this. How perfect is this kit for my little wild man, Tommy?! Really? How perfect?

Well, that's about it for now. Life updates later. Get some coffee before you check back in, trust me, you'll need it.


Long Weekend

Tim worked Saturday. I took the kids to Pensacola for my Great Aunt's funeral. They were well behaved all things considered. I took them home instead of going to after gatherings... seemed a bit much for young kids, you know? Sunday was a nice lazy day. We went looking for paint for the soon to be remodeled Mickey bathroom the kids share. Then had lunch at Olive Garden. Thanks, Tim!

I'm currently making my head hurt trying to put together a book over at Heritage Makers. It seems 5x5 books aren't actually 5x5. They are 5xmake-Berta-hit-her-head. Grrrrr.

Since I was told it wasn't a secret (as if anyone reads here!) I am free to announce I have joined Amber Clegg's Creative Team. I am very excited to be playing with her super yummy stuff. (Downloading while I type in fact!) Find her designs HERE.
You know what this means? A new Blinkie!

Yes, I'm warped.

Oh, and check out the new look at DigiScrapDivas. Isn't it cool?

Wait, that means even more new blinkies.

I love my life...

No pictures for today... I have some to share, I'm just too lazy to upload and fight with Blogger at the moment. So you'll have to wait.

Night all!

Catching up...

So yesterday was a beach day. Finally the boys braved the water. It was such a gorgeous day. Calm waves, a little breeze and crystal clear water. What more could you want? Becky and I got the kids there by 10:00 and loaded back in the car for lunch by noon. We did pretty good with 5 children ages, 9, 6, 6, 4 and 3. We plan to start making every Thursday Beach Day. I can't wait!

I'm going to try to post pictures collages for the next few days of big events we've had recently.

First up: TJ's 6th Birthday Party. Even though Mickey is the current love of TJ's life we had another Star War's themed party at home. Since the pool noodle Light Sabers were such a big hit last year (thanks Aunt Kathryn for the fab idea!) we just went with it again. We picked up a three lane Slip and Slide which was tons of fun. Daddy busted his rear getting the bouncy house set up in the heat as well. (Thank you, Daddy!) All in all it was a fun party. And we even had the added bonus of out of town family beign able to attend. :D It was so nice to have Uncle Ted, Aunt Kathryn, Teddy and Rachael there to celebrate TJ's big day.

Stay tuned for beach pictures next.


Have a great weekend!!!!!!


Ok, I got nothing title wise. You (you being the imaginary readers out there) people expect me to come up with creative titles each entry? Ha!

First off BIG huge news. Carrie has a BLOG! Love it. Can't wait to hear more about her adventures to Disney.

Ok, funny little news. A few months back CK did an article about digiscrapping. So, I got the wise idea to make a thank you layout from digiscrappers. People signed on and I cut and pasted quite a few names, over 250 names to be exact. I sent it along with a short note to the editors. Yesterday Carrie tells me the note is in the Mail Call! section but not the layout. Hey, I'm going to be a regular in the Mail Call! column if this keeps up. Not quite the regular published scrapper I was going for there. ;) I'm glad they did the letter. And thanks for letting me know Carrie!

Oh, in stupidity news...

I love corn. I mean I LOVE corn. My Memaw taught me how to make the most amazing cream corn EVER. From what I gather she learned how to make it from her mother-in-law. So I have a recipe that I make for my kids handed down from their great-great-grandmother. That's kind of cool, in my opinion. So, anyways, I LOVE good corn. Around here we have Silver Queen and King corn. Yummy sweet white corn. It's only 'good' for about a month. We have had an awful drought around here and I didn't think we'd have ANY good corn. I was wrong. There is some amazing corn. Knowing it wouldn't be around long at all I bought some. Ok, I bought a lot. A bushel to be exact. Did you know... A typical bushel of corn weighs 56 pounds/25.4 kilograms and contains 72,800 kernels. Yeh... that was a LOT of corn to shuck, and clean, and then cut off the cob. I'm going to make 4 batches of cream corn tomorrow and freeze it. Tonight I made some corn chowder. And I saved a dozen to grill for dinner Wednesday. My back and neck are killing me and I'm wondering why I went through all that work for 4 stinking batches of a side dish?! Oh well, bet I'll do it again next year... all for the love of my favorite starch.

Did a layout today.

Free Image Hosting at <a href=

Used the scheme over at Simple Scrapbooks. It doesn't flow QUITE the way I wanted, Still have to mess with it some...

Well, I'm off to bed, the corn did me in!


All the kids had such a blast going for rides with Daddy. I called it a Jet Ski in the layout, is it actually a Wave Runner? Is there a difference? Oh well, does it really matter?!

Blue Background is from Kim Hill's
My Guy Kit

Gotta run, natives are restless.


Note to self...


Things were nice and laid back and then WHAM!

Very quick overview of the last two weeks:
We drove to Bullard, Dallas, Austin and then home (waving to Dan and Carrie a few hours outside of Houston). We arrived home to start VBS that very next morning. My two lovely nieces were here with us all week. 5 kids under the same roof. Went pretty smoothly all things considered. Tim took me to see Nickel Creek Thursday (WOW! If you ever get a chance to see them GO. They are amazing!) Ted, Katherine and the children arrived 2 a.m. Saturday. My parents took my nieces back to their parents that Friday morning. Saturday morning 10:00 a.m.: TJ's 6th birthday party was a big success but he had a stomach bug the night before which he passed onto Tori. I'll just say I'm glad I had the thought to give her a bowl for the ride to LuLu's AFTER TJ's party. FUN. Father's Day was uneventful. After early Mass (yes, we went to early Mass for ONCE) we had Tim's yummy BBQ Chicken before getting Ted and his family on the road.

Did I mention I'm exhausted? We have seen all but three of our relatives in the past two weeks. Seeing as I have 2 siblings and Tim has 3... that says alot! And one of the 3 we didn't see is a spouse of a sibling.

Loved seeing everyone and can't wait to post lots and lots of layouts. But I need to sleep for about a YEAR straight it would seem first.

On some FABULOUS scrapping news (yes, non-scrappers you may skip this next bit) I spoke with a lovely editor at Creating Keepsakes on Friday. She had called to ask me how I felt about Tori's OCD layout being part of a new feature CK plans to start trying out. Hopefully I didn't sound like a complete idiot when we spoke. She was so super sweet. At one point she said my name sounded familiar... I might be submitting too often? Anyways, check out the September issue of CK. I can't wait!

Well, I leave you with a quick family picture snapped outside of Salt Lick BBQ. The BEST BBQ place in the whole world. Period.

Night all!

I'm back...

and exhausted.

Will post pics etc in the next few day.

Packing day...


Tim is working. It's a beautiful day and I'm trying to put all the different piles together for each kid. Of course, in typical Berta fashion, it's time to pack so I felt the need to be creative. :D Tori helped me clean off my desk (Yes, Virginia, there is a desk under all those piles!) and I'm back to shuffling things around.

Created a layout last night for 2 Inspired Diva's Challenge over at DSD.

The June Megakit went perfectly with her dress here.

Well, I really have WAY too much to get done and must not 'dilly dally' on the computer. I may post from Texas, we'll have to see how the connection is there. I've got a to-burn list ready to go for my baby, er, laptop. And my Wacom Tablet will be making the trek as well :D Hope to get some good stuff done.


Ah, what a week. We are staying busier this summer, which is making for less stress somehow. It's like a lazy busy, you know? I try to get to the pool as much as possible, take some walks, get errands run, and have some down time to just run around in the yard and blow bubbles and moan about how hot it is. :D

Carrie and her family were here last night. We took them on an overlong walk down to the Bay and then back uptown to Gene's Beans. My plan was to get the kids exhausted. It worked, but then we were tired too! I was sad to see her leave this morning. But I know how terribly excited they are about Disney. The kids have NO idea they are going. I didn't get a picture of the green shirts I made the boys, but I'll get her to shoot me one. Reading this Carrie?

Today we have plans to meet up with one of my friends and her two kids. Tori is bringing along her best friend too. So, 6 kids ages 9,6 and 4 at the Science Museum. Should be fun, eh? But everyone will have a playmate of the same age. Fingers crossed they all get along.

The newsletter is out at DigiScrapDivas.Click here I, for once, got my act together and got a layout to Bree in time.

Layout was made using the DigiScrapDiva June Megakit This month's kit may be my favorite one yet. I love the color pallete.

Well, time move over some MORE laundry and clean up before our big afternoon. Have a great Friday afternoon and stay cool. DANG it's hot out there.

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