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Happy Monday Morning! Isn't coffee the BEST?!

So today starts my first Ad Inspiration over at DigiScrapDivas. I chose this ad:

Image Hosted by

Basically you can outright copy it or use it as a jumping board for something totally unique.

Here's the layout I made:

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What will you come up with?

Beach Day!

First off... bad blogger, bad blogger! Yes, I know it. Nothing much was going on worth reporting.

So, I'll give you a super condensed run through.

Pediatrician appointments:
Tommy is tiny
TJ is skinny
Tori is still growing like a weed

See? You didn't miss much at all. ;)

Tori spent a whole week with her Aunt Retta.
Did the child cry when she left me for her very first plane ride alone?
Was she homesick?
Did she bawl on the plane when she left Retta?

I'm STILL putting up with "Mom, I want to move to Sarasota. Mom, why can't we move to Sarasota? I'm running away to Sarasota!" I'm going to go with Camp Retta was a success. We sent counselor t-shirts for John and Retta. Retta's said 'Counselor' and John's said 'Legal Counselor'. They were pretty cute, I thought! Love the possibilites of Photoshop and iron on transfers... hmmmmm.

Thank you Aunt Retta (and Uncle John) for having Tori all week. It was easily the best week of Tori's whole life. I can't WAIT to get the picture back.

TJ had his eye apointment. By the way, he's only going every 6 months now, isn't that great?! I was slightly disappointed with his eye exam results, however. We may be looking at repeating the surgery in about a year. :( Grrr. I'm praying that perhaps we won't. His glasses are about as strong as Dr. Terry is willing to go with him. Right now it's only very minor turning. We'll just have to see.

Tommy food allergy news.

Tree Nuts and Peanuts are EVERYWHERE.

And no, I'm not paranoid.

One morning the kids are brushing their teeth upstairs while I do the kitchen. TJ runs downstairs in a panic with the toothpaste box because Tommy told him it was 'spicy'... ('spicy' is very important with severe allergies, it's how Tommys describes his tongue tingling which can be a precurser to a full blown anaphylactic reaction)...TJ wanted me to double check the 'grediants' to make sure there were no nuts in the toothpaste. What a sweet big brother, yes? I laughed then and assured him they didn't put peanuts in toothpaste. Not so funny now.

Turns out Aquafresh toothpaste does indeed contain peanut oil. There was a TV news story (in Chicago I think?) about a boy having a reaction to this brand. I figured it was at best an Urban Legend. I called the number on the toothpaste box. Guess what? Not only does it contain peanut oil BUT GlaxoSmithKlein does not feel obligated to print this information on the ingrediant list as they are not required to by current US law.


So... no more Aquafresh for us.

On a side note wtih allergies: apparently Tommy is also pretty allergic to peaches, as proven by mild hives and barfy boy three times after eating them. Luckily that's pretty easy to avoid! So, if you watch my kid... no peaches either, ok?

Well, here are some pictures from our trip to the beach this week. It was a little bit rougher than it had been recently... and there was a fair amount of seaweed. But fun was had by all. Well, except for the damn coakroach that stalked us for an hour (I kid you not) and eventually met his death in a shower stall.. but that's another story.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wow, a Tuesday Holiday really makes the week fly by.

Today we went to the free movie up at the Rave Theater. Met up with some friends which always makes it nice. If the weather holds we'll have swim lessons in just a little bit.

TJ decided today was Pal Mickey's birthday. The kids made invitations for the other stuffed friends and plan to have brownies for PM's cake. Uh... ok. TJ wants to stop by our local bookstore to pick up a present for PM. Better empty out that piggy bank, young man!

Got some pages done:

"Dream" using Amber Clegg's "Memories No. 1" and "All That Fluff" (lace pack). You can find them here at the Plain Digital Wrapper Shoppe. This layout was made for the DSD Two Inspired Divas Challenge.

I did one just to do it (imagine THAT?!) This is the first of a few pages about Tommy being labelled FTT and how freaking scary it was. I guess it really wigged me out because all I could think of was little Jack and his Dad telling Tim about his muscle biopsy before things went so bad for him. I was selfishly terrified we were heading down a similar road... and utterly terrified.

Then onto lighter things...

Another page using Amber Clegg's stuff. This kit is called "Neopolitan Summer" and you can find it here.

And finally, a fun simple layout of Tommy eating watermelon as a baby. I used ONE of the DSD July Megakits for this one: Popsicle. They have TWO kits this month. Both are gorgeous. Find both here.

Well, time to get swim suits on and decide what I'll be making for dinner.


Tons to get done...

Completed a couple of layouts:

"Goof" used Retro Vacation Kit by Kim Hill.

"Celebrate Life" used Julie Howards contribution to the Collab Kit over at ACOT.

"Boys Of Summer 2006" used Red White and KaBLUEm by Amber Clegg and ________

So last night after midnight Tim wakes me up. Those of you who really know me know this is a BAD idea. But it was for a good cause. Do any of you WOOT? If you don't, here's the deal. This is a site out of Dallas that offers up a deal daily. Changes over at Midnight CST each day. People (AKA my husband) stalk the site around midnight in hopes of catching the elusive Holy Grail of Woot-dom... Bags of Crap. Yes, you read that correct... Bag of Crap or BOC the old time Wooters reading. This is where they clean out their warehouse of... well, crap! Tim has gotten like 12 Anne Gedde's Calendars, a little robot guy, camera bag, laptop bag, stuffed pandas, cordless phone base, and tons of fun in general. Ok, lots of it sucks, but it's fun anyways. Oh! And every now and then they even have a Woot-Off where the deal last until it's sold out, then they move on to the next deal, you never know how many deals they have until the Woot-off will end... It makes the man happy.

Oh, my point. Last night Tim woke me up... because Woot! had a digicam. So we spent about an hour sleepily going over reviews etc. Finally decided it was in the pricerange we were looking for etc. So I'm the proud new owner of a digi-cam. Hoooooooooray!

That'll be fun for any upcoming events we have *cough*cough*cough*

Ok, gotta get going. Tori wants/NEEDS a haircut. Groceries to get... etc etc. FUN!


Ok, I commented that Fridays aren't really Fridays in the Summer when your hubby is working Saturdays and you're a Stay at Home Mom.

But I guess they sort of are! So commented retracted.

Tim went to the pool with the us for about an hour Saturday morning. Get a load of the pics I managed to get of 'CannonBallTommy' as he calls himself.

This was just a 'roughing in' of a layout to come, of that I am sure. ;)

Anyways, Saturday afternoon Tim worked while we went uptown with TJ's friend, Molly, and her mother. We went to the bookstore and had some icecream. We had a nice laid back day. Tim and I even watched a movie (Legend of Zorro II) last night!

Now, get this. We missed Mass today. Why? Tim and I slept until after 10:00. OMGosh. This NEVER happens. EVER. The boys were up and playing in their room, but never got us. Tori is getting to that age where she'll sleep late, so she was passed out cold, of course.

We had a late breakfast. Now Tim is mowing the lawn while the kids play. And, thank GOODNESS, it's getting ready to storm. We needed rain so bad.

Oh, I got my first check from CK today too. Notice I said first?! Yes, I am determined, aren't I?

Well, everyone have a good weekend. I'll catch you later.

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