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My head hurts. Tori's team want her in weekly... add in dance twice a week... the ortho weekly (so it feels like)... and well... it just gets a little crazy.


I cannot believe it's only 10 more days until we are there. The kids are going to FLIP OUT when they find out. Yesterday I grabbed reservations for a Playhouse Disney Breakfast. I am debating on how we will handle the extra meal and all our credits. I'll make it work somehow.

The plans are all typed up... just have to put them into the laminated carry around form... I have an idea I got from MM Rubons. Could be very cool. Could also SUCK.

Watch for the finished project later next week.

Well, off for more fun.

*Remember the BIG re-opening of DSD is Friday. We are very excited about what's going to be happening. I'll have the new ad inspiration up PLUS some fun new changes for that. PRIZES!!!

Have a great day.

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Really slow. And that's a good think, don't you think?

First off: what do you think about this?

Me, I don't like so much. I told Tim today it's not that the storms themselves scare me... it's just that they are SUCH a huge pain in the ass. School closes, kids get wiggy, general public get's into hoarding mode, gas prices sky-rocket, and general insanity ensues. Blech. I'm hoping it just kind of fizzles out and goes WAY WAY WAY west of here into some random stretch of Texas (not to you Carrie!). Or even better totally disperses out over the moutnains in Cuba. We'll just have to see.

I'm busy trying to create a Disney touring plan for my friend, TJ's teacher from last year, and her whole family. I'm having fun doing it I HAVE to admit. One thing I had to laugh at: she wants to have breakfast in the castle with the girls... well, yes, so do 400 other little girls! That sucker sells out the day 120 day window opens for people. Still, I have hope for a little magic for her, perhaps when we call we'll get a cancellation?!

Our ADRs are set in stone (for now!) and I'm very excited. I'm second guessing myself on one little point: should we or should we NOT use the Magical Beginnings Extra Magic Hour for the MK? TGM says 'no' but reports of characters playing Duck, Duck Goose with kids makes me want to re-think.

Well... off for more... of...


Enjoy your weekend.

Oh Blog this...

Been a week, time for an update I guess...

This past weekend was great. Had a little bit of R&R at the beach, always a good thing. Was able to see Uncle Dan for a very short while. Sory 'bout the windshield Uncle Dan! The Rents hosted a party for Dan's best friend and his new wife. And the house fairies even cleaned up afterwards while I sat upstairs. Even better.

Kids are doing pretty well.

Tori began the new therapy program for OCD. It's VERY structured and I think we will see good long term success with it. She even has homework regarding it! Ballet is back in full swing. She's taking one 4th grade class and one mixed grade class. I love that she has found something like this to enjoy.

TJ is doing very well in first grade. His reading finally took off. Hooray! He continues to impress teachers with his artwork. His favorite subject of all is math. I have GOT to find that child a Karate class. He asks all the time about it.

Tommy had his allergist appointment today. We added Cashews and Walnuts to his list. His back looked so miserable where those nuts were. No major change to how we eat...avoid all tree nuts and peanuts. Interestingly the doctor pointed out that in his teenage years he might be able to have some peanuts. Doc forgot to add peaches to the panel of foods to test and I had no desire to listen to MORE screaming. We'll return in 3 months for a blood draw to look for more foods. I really like that this office urged me to call whenever I needed them... like, say, last week. They would have had me come in so they could evaluate him. It's nice to know we found a better practice. And that they'll have us back after all that screaming.

I'm getting amazing emails from people around the world regarding the layout about Tori and her OCD. Amazing I tell you. Thank for putting it out there CK!

I've been a submitting fool these past few days. My most favorite publication, Simple Scrapbooks, bought a smaller digital scrapbooking magazine that was already in print. They had a call out for the first issue... one was a BIG call. I submitted 3 for each call so far and can up to 5 for each. I'm quite nervous, truth be told... just ONE and I would be so thrilled.

Here are a few new layouts... some are redone, revamped, whatever you want to call them!

I'm off to SNOOOZE!


Tommy got sick at school today. First I thought sudden stomach bug getting both ends, but runny eyes and nose and sneezing about 25 times in a row seemed to indicate otherwise. Gave him Benedryl and it all stopped. I'm just grateful it wasn't like the pistachio reaction last year.

We suspect a peach allergy (hello, he barfs each time he eats them) and thought we'd wait out any further testing. But I don't know what caused this. Possible cross contamination of the graham crackers I let him have prior to preschool. I contacted the company who will pass along my questions to the bakery they were made in. I am betting there were some treenuts/peanuts in there somehow.

Blech. So he's sleeping on the floor and I'm staring at him. No hives, no wheezing... no lobster red boy.

I'll let you know when we find out if we have to avoid more foods.


Plans Change

Lot's to babble about.

Our BIG secret trip (secret to the kids) was planned for September 11-September 16th. But due to some time conflicts we had to change stuff around... and ADD a day to the trip! Hooray! I'm very excited about this turn of events. Mainly because now arrival day is going to be spent takign it easy, swimming, checking out Downtown Disney and having a nice Dinner. Then Monday we'll start touring the parks. With the free dining promo being booked during this time it only cost us $79 to add a day to our room... yet we'll get the credits for that day as well ($100 face value alone) for counter service, table service and snacks for each person in our group. What an awesome deal.

Following the lead of Dan/Carrie, Don/Susan we decided to not tell the kids this time. I have this plan I'm coming up with. It includes: (starting Saturday 9/9) Mickey Mouse pancakes (this always gets them talking about how cool Chef Mickey's was) a picnic lunch on the bluff, scavenger hunt, wraped boxes, and cryptic messages. I can't WAIT to see them when they realize what they heck is going on.

So, what do you think of the plan?

Well, I have about 300 things to do. Mom is in surgery right now for her foot, keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I leave Friday for some R&R sans Tim and the kids. Yes, I'm really looking forward to it.

I'll post some recent pictures soon. Right now I'm trying to learn how to use the digicam to record the big reveal in a few weeks!


It's been a week. A crazy exhausting week.

Kids all started school on Thursday.
Everyone loved school.

I didn't accidently send Tommy with a peanut butter sandwich.
The bus drops Tori off in front of the house in the afternoon now, a full 30 minutes earlier than last year.
Tori is now registered for two ballet classes each week (her request!)

Tommy loves going to school 5 days a week.
TJ loves being in the 'big' building near the gym so he doesn't get wet.
And Tori likes having her own locker.

Tim is working hard.

And I had a layout picked up today. I was fussing that I wasn't get picked up... uh... but I hadn't submitted for any calls the whole summer! DUH. So I am back to submitting. This is second Kodak scrapping book Tori will be in.

Well, off to the orthodontist AGAIN.

Have a good one...

Made this for tonight's chat with Kim Hill over at DSD. Used the gorgeous "Good Karma" kit.


The OCD layout can be found at your local bookstore in the magazine section. Look in 'crafting' or 'scrapbooking' for Creating Keepsakes September edition. Layout is in the mailcall section very close to the front.


Thanks for the interest. I had someone email me today I met over 2 years ago saying they recognized Tori from the layout before they even saw my name. Cool.

Sunday night

Another witty title this evening, if you'll notice?

Last weekend of the kid's Summer break is officially over. School starts on Thursday for all of them. Tori will be in fourth grade, TJ in first and Tommy in the Pre-K4 program. They are ready for the Summer to be over. Isn't that funny? I remember wishing Summer break would never end... but they want to get back to school!

I had the meeting today with Tommy's teacher, Ms. Chera. (She taught TJ as well!) It went really well. The only big bummer for Tommy is that the school has decided no Crocs this year. Tommy LIVES in his Crocs. No lie, the boy used to get up in the middle of the night, slip on his Crocs and get back in bed with his Crocs still on. Luckily Daddy took him shopping for some pretty cool new Tennies up at Target, so all is well.

Did a quick layout tonight. I used Amber Clegg's stuffs. :D

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yes, this picture may seem familiar to some of you. I rescrapped it for MY album this time. YES, one day, in 10 billion years, when the kids are all grown up and out of the house I'll let them have their albums, believe it or not. And then I'll have MY albums. Yet another good thing about digi-scraping. Not only can I print off hard copies for their albums, but I can burn copies to a disc for them as well. Yet another reason to come to the dark side of digiscrapping.

Well, check in the a.m. for my Ad Inspiration.


Friday 8/4

Really, how in the world do people come up with creative daily entry titles? As if!

HOORAY! My OCD layout is in print. I have not seen it myself yet (impatiently waiting for me comp copy, but will most likely go look for it today at Barnes and Noble with the kids). It's also online though. Check it out. The Lurking Monster.

Tommy has been under the weather for the almost a week. Finally took him to the pedi yesterday because he was SO sick. High fever, just laying there, refusing to walk. Typical Tommy appointment... couldn't just get 'It's a virus, give it a few days.' Oh no.. had to have strep test, finger prick, urine sample and sinus x-ray. Yeh, over two hours later I finally got 'It's a virus, give it a few days.' Life with Tommy is always a tad complicated. He sorta wigged me out Thursday afternoon when he was crying saying he couldn't bend his neck, his fever was back again. I swear if he hadn't perked up and began bending his neck we would have been in the ER shortly there after. Yes, menengitis worries me. Would appear he was just feeling badly and had an odd muscle cramp. Still keeping a VERY close eye on him.

TJ went uptown with his Pop Pop today for their haircuts at the local Barber Shop. LOVE that this has become a tradition for them. I give him his money and off he goes with Pop Pop. How cool is that?

Met TJ's teaher last night. LOVE her. Thrilled to have two great mommy friends in the classroom with me. It's going to be a great year, I can tell.

Well, that's it for exciting news on our front. What a wild life I lead, eh?

Have a great weekend everyone :D

Had someone leave a comment about the peanut oil in the toothpaste.

I reported what I learned when I called GSK and spoke to a representative last week.

I was told by the representative that Aquafresh does indeed use a blend of oils that has peanut oil as a component. This was last week. I was MAD!!!!!

I had called the source and was given the info. Today I find out the company has backpeddled what they told me and that it does NOT have peanut oil.


How did it go from having oil to NOT having the oil?

Well, anyways... here's the official info:

Aquafresh Toothpaste - A representative from GlaxoSmithKline has provided the following statement:

“The health and safety of the consumers who use our products is of utmost importance, and we would like to assure them that no Aquafresh toothpaste products contain flavors with peanut oil, peanuts or peanut derivatives.

“We were recently contacted by several consumers requesting information about the possibility of trace amounts of peanut oil in our Aquafresh toothpaste products. It was our belief that trace amounts of peanut oil could be present in certain flavor blends purchased by Aquafresh from external flavor suppliers. Consequently, we responded to those consumers that there was a possibility that trace amounts of peanut oil may be present in some Aquafresh products.

“Subsequently, we have contacted our flavor suppliers to confirm this information. We are pleased to learn that all of the flavor blends currently used to manufacture Aquafresh toothpaste contain no peanuts, no peanut oil and no peanut derivatives.

“Until we were able to validate our flavor blend information, we chose to err on the side of caution and told consumers that the products may contain trace amounts of peanut oil. In light of how serious some allergies can be, we felt that was the right thing to do. As an additional assurance, we are arranging to have independent tests of our toothpaste conducted.

“We apologize if this has caused any confusion or concern among our loyal customers. If consumers have additional questions, they may contact us toll free at (800) 897-5623.”

I for one am I bit leary of this as they couldn't communicate this to me last week and were quite sure it DID have the oil in it. Hmmmmmm.

Take it as you will. :D Oh, and here is a news clip regarding this as well. Note I was told the SAME thing the mother in the story was.

So I got my Brag Book made through Heritage Makers. I filled out the info form on the site and was contacted a few days later by a consultant, Teresa Janecek. She was very helpful and forthcoming with info. Like any other home based 'party' kind of business the BIG way for you to make money as a consultant is to have more people sign up under you. So Teresa, being a smart woman, has been trying to talk me into being a consultant. Some of you may remember my stint with Creative Memories AKA the Nazis of the Scrapbooking World. Thanks to CM I am quite wary of any home based party business. Anyways, I told Teresa I just wasn't sure especially since I hadn't seen any of their products. Teresa was super nice and set up an account for me AND sent me a Brag Book Credit (which is $35!) So I used the credit to make a fun little Disney book for the family.

Truth be told it was a huge pain in the ass to use the HM publishing software. It's hard to judge WHAT will be cut off unless you generate a full PDF preview file, which takes a long time. I stuck with it however. When the book arrived I have to admit I was impressed. (I'll post pictures later today.) It's a cute little 5x5 bound book with full bleed pages. Color is pretty true. All in all a nice product. I'd like to see more cover choices and a streamlined process to just drag and drop your files with a true representation of what will be cropped. The gutter is a bit deeper than they said, but I had been warned of that already by Kim.

If you are looking for print some books I would suggest Heritage Makers for sure. And if you need help uploading I'll be happy to help you. Right now it's just not in the cards for me to be a consultant, but I may consider it in a few months. We'll see.

I leave you with a few new projects.

Created with Kim Hill's A Passing Fancy Kit

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Made this Artist Trading Card for Chick Walk Challenge this week. Used DSD June Megakit and various stuff from Kim Hill.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And a page for BriAnna over at Atomic Cupcake. I used mainly her Pretty in Popsicle Kit.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Which way will he go?!


So... my first BIG published layout will be out in just a few weeks. It is a prety deep layout that touches on the 'highlights' of our journey with what Tori lives with daily, OCD( obsessive-compulsive disorder). I have found that almost no one we encounter actually understands what OCD is... and the effect it can have on your family. We often get jokes about things like 'Oh, well at least you don't have to nag her about cleaning up her room!' Uh... for future reference NOT appropriate OCD joke. And YES it is a pain in the rear to have her clean her room.

You will all be able to see and read the layout online soon. BUT I wanted to kind of let you all know now about the subject so you wouldn't be "shocked" or what not. A big question I know people have.

Q: Did Tori mind her story being put online and printed?
A: Not at all! Tori was tickled to have it published and hopes 'it can help other kids with OCD'. And it will. CK will be doing a new feature where readers can contact me via the CK website. When I posted the layout online (before I pulled it for publishing) I got the most amazing responses. Check out a few:

Wow. Thank you for posting this. I showed to my husband's best friend (who suffers from OCD). He just wanted to tell you thank you for believing in your daughter, and that he is doing well now (he is 26). He wished more parents understood the disease like you do

I have worked with inpatient adults with OCD, but I never knew that children could get it so young. Your poor DD--what hell you must have all gone through! I am so glad you were able to find help!

Just wanted to let you know how great it is that you are informing people about OCD. I spent 5 yrs. working with a little guy (starting when he was in 3rd grade) who had OCD. I learned alot from that experience. It was one of the most trying, but rewarding experiences of my life.

Wow, how sad that I can totally relate to the point that (I'm eating my breakfast) I stopped what I was doing and just stared at the screen.

So... my point? If you have questions about OCD please do not hesitate to contact me. I'll be happy to share anything that might help.

Also, as a side note... there is a disorder similar to OCD called OCPD (Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder ). OCPD/OCP is NOT a form of the psychiatric disorder OCD but rather is a personality style characterized by a harsh conscience and rigid personality structure.

The essential feature of Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder is a preoccupation with orderliness, perfectionism, and mental and interpersonal control, at the expense of flexibility, openness, and efficiency. This pattern begins by early adulthood and is present in a variety of contexts.

While OCPD may not have the same implications as OCD, it is not something that can not be ignored. The impact on family life can be quite negative and cause many problems. Here's private group with info OCPD Forum. Amazingly I have found support groups for OCPD to be more common than ANY type of OCD geared towards children. It seems parents of OCD are suppossed to just sort figure it out on their own, AND keep quiet about. Hush, don't mention any type of mental disorder. Hmmmmmph!

So... there is my OCD bit for the day.

Look for the page in CK in just a few weeks!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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