I've had it with trying to hack code in Blogger. Obviously that is not my forte in life and I need to get over it. So welcome to the new and improved clean and simple blog.

And don't believe for one second I won't keep messing with the design. Check back soon for the newest train wreck on a page!!!!!

In the meantime... Tommy had his allergist appointment today. We were going to do a blood draw. If there was a true need I would have. But the truth of the matter is that Tim and I both feel quite uncofmortable with the idea of challenging peanuts even with a 'negative' on the blood test. Why? Because doc has told us with multiple tree nut allergies there is a 25% chance Tommy might react in the challenge. A one in four chance of him having an anaphylactic reaction in front of my eyes again.

Uh, don't pass the peanut butter please.

Obviously, to Tommy's relief he had no blood draw today. And he's quite happy with that, thank you very much.

Or should I say uptown? Seems "Uptown" is the proper phrase here in Fairhope. Is it because the original town was UP the hill from the Pier?

Who knows? But the lights are pretty. One of my favorite things about this time of year. They have an annual "lighting of the trees" ceremony in November. The lights stay up until after Mardi Gras.

I managed to get a couple of layouts done today also with the soon to be released DSD December Kit (look for it Friday).

Oh, and that header at the top of the blog is SO out of here. I can't get it to work for anything. I'm just going back to NOTHING!!!

Tommy just left for a playdate over at Jackson's house. He was SO excited to go. And I'm on my way out the door to be TJ's teacher for all of 10 minutes today as she has to leave early.


Pardon the technical difficulties... I thought I'd be a smarty pants and try a new format... not going so well.


Thanksgiving Holidays are over for the kiddos. Back to school today. They are actually thrilled to go. More fun than home?!

Friday morning my mom took Tori and I shopping for our Christmas gifts. I had been struggling looking for an outfit for Tim's Christmas party. Luckily, we found some awesome stuff at Coldwater Creek. Check it out:

I'm going to wear the Red shirt, black skirt and some black boots to the party. What do you think? What a fantastic Christmas gift. Clothes that I actually love. Thanks so much, Mom!!!!!!

After that we grabbed some black zippered boots to complete the outfit from Shoe Station (what a mad house that was). A quick trip to Dillard's found Tori's perfect Christmas dress and even a cute little brown suit. Then we ran home to relieve Pop Pop of watching the wild boys. It was a successful shopping morning I'd say.

Friday night Tim and I went out to dinner at Bonefish. It was our first time to eat there. We had thought about it before with the kids but had opted out. I'm glad we saved it for just us. They have a pistachio crusted filet so I doubt I'll take Tommy there any time soon!

Saturday evening was an amazing meal. Our friends Jane and Michael decided to have a dinner party for some of the moms. Michael trained as a Chef at The Culinary Institue of America. The man can cook. Oh my goodness the man can cook.

Tim was pressed into service at the last second helping Michael serve the courses and keeping glasses filled. I must say, he did a great job. Thanks dear. I'm SO bummed I forgot the camera. Grrrrrrr.

Courses included a Prawn topped crab cake with two types of cavier as garnish, thinly sliced tenderloin over veggies, Four Cheeese Soup in a bread bowl, Creme Brulee, Lamb with an amazing Coffee Based sauce (sounds weird, but was REALLY good)... I'm forgetting courses. Sunday morning I had quite a "Food-over" as I termed it. My stomach is still not sure about forgiving me yet. Thanks for the fabulous night Jane and Michael.

So now it's Monday and I've got tons of work to get done. Back to the grind I suppose. I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday.


Since I have three young children I don't really get to do the sales at the real stores. But there are a few online I get to peek at.

If you scrap be sure to stop by CGEssentials for Kim Hill's BIG sale.

And over at DigiScrapDivas there's another sale too.

I'll post more online deals today as I find them.

Tim's birthday via photo essay.

Looks like it'll be a pretty good day to me!


The dinner my mother pre-ordered for Thanksgiving is not safe for Tommy. I take that back... when I called the farm where the turkey was processed it is safe. But EVERYTHING else isn't.


My heads hurts, badly.

I didn't find ANTYHING to wear for Tim's Christmas party. It went so bad shopping I'm almost ready to tell him I don't want to go.

I wish I was in a better mood.

Pity party for one... order up!

The fish died tonight. I know what you are thinking most likely: "Uh, so? Flush the damn thing!" Well, McKenzie the fish did have her rightful royal potty send off... but not wihtout lots and lots of crying.

Poor TJ just sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. This is the first pet loss we've had that he recalls. I know it's just a fish. But he is... broken hearted. He literally cried himself to sleep.

I suggested at the height of sobbing that maybe the kids draw pictures of her and then light a candle. TJ told me that during visitation (yes, they all went and told the fish goodbye for closure) he said a little prayer for her soul.

Like I said. Poor TJ! I promised him she was in Fishy Heaven. So, I did a fast little memorial layout for her. (Yes, you may laugh but NOT in front of TJ).

Dear McKenzie, I have no earthly idea how you managed to live those two and a half years with our rowdy bunch. But you did. And you were loved. And you'll be missed. Tommy says he hopes you enjoy the river in Fishy Heaven.

Check out what this Dad does with his son.

So these are the cupcakes that I spent over 3 hours in the kitchen to create (and clean up). Check out theTurkey Cupcake Instructions if you want to get the low down on the feathers etc. My eyes aren't nearly as cute, but I didn't have access to candy eyes. And didn't know if they'd be nut free anyways! We used Vienna Fingers instead of Nutter Butters for obvious reasons.

Tommy is going to be SO excited to see the completed herd o' turkeys (or is it turkies... no that's not right) in the morning.


So a quick update on the crazy weather and the schools. Jane called to check on our kids around lunch time and was told all was well. She could get them if she wanted to but there was no need. She and I agreed to let them stay put. Jane get's to school right before 2pm... there are 8 kids left out of 34 that were put together for the day. What the HECK?! Then we find out buses aren't running... or so we are told. Jane decides to grab TJ and run him by the house really quick (have I mentioned I really like Jane?) Meanwhile I call the Intermediate school to find out where to get Tori. And we are told buses ARE running, no need to come up there. AURGH! Sure enough Tori is dropped off in front of the house right on time. However another friend at the Elementary School (yeh we have loads of different levels here) was CALLED and asked to pick up her children.

So... uh, they need to figure out what the HECK to do next time we have bad weather... cause you know we NEVER get any bad weather down here or anything!

And next time we have a weather day like this I'm going to pick up them all up (you too Molly) and we are going to play hooky all day long.

So there.

I love it when layouts that are very special to me are picked up for publication. In this case a layout I did a few weeks back about Tommy's nut allergies got picked up by Scrapbook Trends for an idea book they are publishing about journaling.

So... I can now put a notch in computer's bedpost for Scrapbook Trends. And yet the Hoy Grail: Simple Scrapbooks eludes me. One day... one day I tell you.

Anyways, that is what I love today.


Today is very rainy and yucky here. A good day to stay in bed and read. Alas, my mother and I thought it would be a good day to shop. Ack! We got soaked numerous times. Jane called to tell me the K1Center was not allowed to use the 'cottages' (Fairhope speak for trailers at the schools) today due to Tornado Watch/Warnings. So this overcrowded school is now bursting at the seams with the overflow of kids in the hallways. Luckily TJ and Molly are in the main building this year. After a few phone calls we opted to leave the kids in for now. I'm sure it was QUITE the exciting day at school for him.

I can only hope that Tori managed the stress ok. She does NOT do bad weather well at all. It can cause a full out panic attack for her. Sigh.

Well, Tommy and I have to bake Turkey cupcakes tonight for his school Thanksgiving feast. I can't WAIT to post pictures of them (they are so CUTE!)

Everyone stay safe and dry.



Looky! I'm layout of the day over at DSD.

TJ said "thank you" when I showed him.


Ok. You're welcome, TJ.

Not much to report today. I have GOT to find something to cook for dinner. So... later!

Busy Saturday... such is life with this crew. Tommy ended up with a late appointment at the doctor's yesterday. His cough was getting worse. I was worried it was bronchitis again and didn't want it to escalate again. Sure enough it was. He had to have the flu test (since he was suddenly so sick) and he hated that. Then the strep test basically made him sob. So you can imagine what a finger prick did. Hysteria. Such is life with a Tommy. We left with antibiotics and crawled home. Of course he wanted to sleep in bed with me. So I hardly slept any. Tim ended up in the sitting room chair somehow, poor guy!

Speaking of our sitting room I am on a quest again to find a sectional that will fit there. Aurghhh! That room is frustrating.

Tommy actually felt well enough to go to his soccer game. He had a good time, though you tell he was dragging near the end. What the HECK is up with that face?

Tori LOVED the Dolphin Cruise birthday party. Yeh, who wouldn't?! The parents said there were dolphins all over the place once they finally found them. How cool. I snapped this picture of her and already scrapped it. Ha ha, told you I was getting my groove back! Used Kim Hill's A Passing Fancy.

TJ had a fun time at his movie birthday party. He saw 'Flushed Away' and pigged out on Cookie Cake. Good way to spend an afternoon with your friends when you are six.

Ooooh, and guess what? Tim and I are going to a Mardi Gras Ball this year. Usually not my cup of tea, BUT I have an awfully fun friend in one of the societies. And then we have a special mystery couple joining us a well. So, I'm pretty excited. How FUN! I have until February 16th to get into a gown. Time to get serious about the weight again, eh?!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. It's getting awfully rainy and cold here. Brrrrrr. Off to watch the end of "Cars" with my boys.

Night all.

Good morning everyone.

Thursday is our Friday this week thanks to a four day school week. The kids have all sorts of fun things going on this weekend: Tori is going on a Dolphin Cruise to celebrate her friends' birthday. TJ is going to a movie birthday party. Tommy has a soccer game.

You know how it goes with kids... busy, busy, busy!

Tim and I have... nothing. But that's ok. I have to start working on some Christmas stuff.

I kept Tommy home from school today. He's coughing and wheezing just a smidge, so I'm trying to head off a flare up. Ugh he HATES the nebulizer. Wish he was old enough to do the Turboinhaler and rescue inhaler instead. Oh well, I'm glad we have the nebulizer on hand.

I did a new layout with Amber's "The Gazebo" kit she created for the Scrap Artist Apprentice contest. Click here to see this awesome kit. It's only $2! Can you belive that? Each purchase counts as a vote for the winner... so go buy it already!

Oh, obviously (again) that is not one of my little ones. I was scrapping on my laptop and found this awesome picture of my friend's daughter, Jenny. Had to scrap it as it was just too stinking cute NOT to scrap.

Got an email from Kim Hill last night about a new super cool heritage kit she'll have out soon. It is REALLY cool. I'll post a pic as soon as I can. If you've been looking for a cool heritage kit this is the one.

Well, back to a take it easy morning at home hoping Tommy feels better soon.

November 6, 2006

Archway Cookies LLC is recalling 13.75-oz. packages of "Archway Classic
Oatmeal Big Batch Homestyle Cookies" due to undeclared walnuts.

The cookies were distributed to retail stores in the eastern half of the
United States, specifically in states east of the Mississippi River.

The product is identified as 13.75-oz. packages of "Archway Classic Oatmeal
Big Batch Homestyle Cookies" with the date code "Best Before Jan 11 07 AX."

Consumers with questions may call (415) 421-4141.

Yep, you guess it. Tommy was offered one of these cookies just last week at pre-school. As always the staff had packaging for me to double check. I didn't feel comfortable with it for some reason and had him eat a something from his treat box instead.

This is why we read every lablel. And this is why we still carry epi EVERYWHERE.

Mommy instinct rocks.

Not much to report around here. Tommy's class had a walking fieldtrip to the library. They thought it was pretty cool to walk up there. Luckily the rain held off. No soccer practice tonight due to rain. I scrapped...

And that about covers it!

Have a great night.


I so know what I want for Christmas.

Aren't these SO cool? 12x12 bound books. Shutterfly, baby. Shutterfly. I can't WAIT to have my layouts in boudn books. Near tears excited at the thought.

Yeh, I'm a TOTAL sappy dork...

Shutterfly Memory Books

Ah, it feels good to get back into a scrapping groove. This layout was made using Kim Hill's new kit Pretty in Pink.

I never posted how our Halloween was! I was uptown with TJ's class for a few hours. Pop Pop was a saint and ran Tommy to and from school. He met me uptown and dropped off the Wild Man to finish up Trick or Treating with the 'the big kids'. Since my camera is still at Nikon my Dad loaned me his Digital SLR. I was SO excited. So excitied that I took over 100 pictures. So excited that I TOTALLY screwed them all up and not ONE is salvagable. I could have cried. I almost did.

About the time I was pondering bursting into tears the kids' costumes came (thank goodness) so we had lots of fun getting ready and taking some pictures. Please note they were taken on the proper settings this time... thank you very much!

Trick or Treating was nice and laid back for the most part. Tim made a double batch of frozen Margarittas 'to go'. Molly and her parents joined us after I convinced them how busy and fun this neighborhood was. It was really busy and fun, for a while. We did the local 'Haunted Garden' (toned down for our younger crew) and then suddenly it was like a deserted neighborhood. VERY weird. We ended up stopping by an open house party that Tori's friend's family was having. It was a nice little break. Then we headed home and put the exhausted kids to sleep. And that was our Halloween night.

Not the BEST picture in the world by any means, but they are kinda cute!

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