We're here....

I'm just cranky and tired.

TJ's Christmas play went very well. He was too shy for a speaking part but he had a blast being an elf. The kids had lots of fun decorating their Gingerbread Houses and eating a Christmas snack.

Tommy and Tori had their Christmas parties too. Fun was had by all.

I'm not ready for Christmas. TONS of wrapping left to do. As in all of it.

Glory has some bug bites/hives on her. Being a food allergy family the kids immediatly assumed she ate something she was allergic to. That made me giggle for some reason.

Pics to be posted later... honest!

My TO DO list for the next couple of days:

-Bake cupcakes for Tommy's party. A consequence of Tommy's allergy... either I bake cookies/cupcakes or he can't have them. Thus I have to be the mom that makes the COOL cupakes for every stinking holiday party. (Yeh, and I DO actually love it!)

-Hot glue graham crackers to little milk boxes
-Make a quadruple batch of Royal Icing
-Get notes in backpacks for party food
-Finish shopping
-Start wrapping (yes, you read that right... START)
-Get Tori to weekly appointment
-Get Tori to Red Shoe Club
-Get Tori to Ballet

I'm tired just thinking about it...

We had a really nice super fast early Christmas with Tim's parents this weekend.

Things done while they were here:
-Quite a few walks with a couple of dogs
-Super yummy meals
-Saw "Charlotte's Web" (where Tori made fun of sappy Berta Momma)
-Girls (minus the dogs of course) saw "The Nutcracker" in Pensacola (thanks Laura it was awesome!)
-Early Christmas presents and Christmas Dinner (I told the kids there was no reason for Santa to come after that haul of toys!)
-Luminaries on the Bluff
-Lovely Mass (if a tad long) where afterwards we were told what wonderfully well behaved boys we had (always nice to hear)
-Survivor Finale
-Shoe Station shopping (love that coupon)
-Visits to schools
-Walk on the Pier
-Bookstore surprise where a stranger 'paid it forward' and bought the kids wonderful books 'just because' (Oprah inspired)
-Lots of puppy snuggles....

And about 20 other things I'm sure I forgot!

Enjoy the pictures :D

I hope everyone has a fabulous week.



I am SO not ready for this weekend. I have way too much to do... and not nearly enough time to do it.

In a panic today I realized the only high quality camera I have access to at the moment would be leaving the country in the morning in my dad's luggage. <--- How was that for a run on sentence?!

ACK! So, again, on a rainy overcast day I tried to capture a picture of the three kids. Yeh, that'll give you a headache.


So do you....

Do you WOOT? If so it's Woot-off time! Better start hitting that refresh button.

Do you want to buy an awesome Digi Scrapping site? DigiScrapDivas is up for sale. Boo Hoo. I understand why Kathy had to put it up. Interest in the site has just lagged to next to nothing. I'm doing good to have 4 or 5 participants weekly in my challenge. But it's still discouraging. It's small town enough for me that I really like it. I feel totally lost on the BIG sites. I hope someone picks it up.

Do you want to see pictures from our Birmingham trip?

Liz and Jason drove over and met us for dinner. Aren't they the best?! We had a great time. Even if the boys wouldn't fetch us coffee at Barnes and Noble later on. Sigh. Here's Liz and Me outside On The Border (yum).

Tim and I stayed the first night in a Courtyard by Marriott for $40 (Priceline rocks) next to the Galleria. We went back to The Summit for breakfast and shopping the next morning. After lunch at P.F. Chang's we headed over to the Ross Bridge Resort for the party. We had a laid back afternoon before getting ready for the event. My allergies must have been going nuts because I was SO bleary eyed. That night I had maybe two drinks and then just tons of juice. But it was fun to people watch. Just about everyone took great joy in the open bar... it was quite funny. And door prizes were simply $100 bills. Now that's the way to do door prizes... just cut to the chase! At one point Tim and I took marshmallows outside on skewers and roasted them over the fire pits on the verenda. It was silly and fun.

It was so nice of the company to put us all up for the weekend and throw such a great party. I'm so thrilled Tim is with them now. Thanks for the party, Champion. Looking forward to next year already!

Well, I'd better get going... tons and tons to do as always. Sigh.


How's that for a Monday morning giggle?


Tim: "Get the Fire Extinguisher from under the sink!"
Me: "WHAT?!?!?!"
Tim: "The dryer is on fire, get the extinguisher!"
Me: Throw gate half way down the hall after I pull it off, thundering down the stairs like an elephants, pulling EVERYTHING out from under the sink as I scream at Dad to help me find a damn extinguisher, running like two herds of out of shape elephants BACK up the stairs after Dad hands me an extinguisher...
Tim: "I got it out Honey, but thanks."
Me: Promptly return to kitchen to make a stiff hot chocolate (and clean up the floor where I threw down everything).

Welcome home.


We are vigilint about cleaning the lint trap each and every time we dry a load of wash. But I admit it's been a bit long in the dry time recently. The hose was clean (well to us it was) upon inspection recently. Upon research this morning it appears there is a not easily accessed area in the back that lint can get trapped as well. Great... and how the hell am I supposed to get back there with the world's smallest laundry room? And really, I think I have just about anybody beat with regards to laundry room size. I have to climb onto the dryer at times to get things out of the washer. It's ridiculous how small it is.

So I'm eyeing the walk in storage space over my parent's room. I'm thinking we could maybe change that into a more serviciable laundry room. Then this little closet area in here could be a linen/cleaning supply closet.

But right now I have to figure out who the hell I'm going to get come clean out the back of this machine. Obviously I'm TERRIFIED at the thought of turning it back on. (It is unplugged and currently lurking in front of me at the moment.) I think of all those times I moved over a load of wash into the dryer and left the house.


Our whole home could have been gone in a puff of smoke... very easily.

Yeh, it was a bit hard to sleep last night.

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