Yes, it's true. We have our new home. Despite the closing from Hell. The wait is what was killing me. First off we ended up neding more cash on hand than we thought we would. We made quite a few frantic phone calls trying to figure out what the HECK was going on. We were scheduled to close at 3pm. At 4:40 the Title Company had yet to have the wire to them. ACK!!!!!!!!

But, it all worked out.

I'm bleary eyed can't see straight exhausted. I feel almost like I've been up 24 plus hours at the hospital with a kid who swallowed a penny. :D

Tim is his mother's child. At this moment he has gone to the new house with the first load of of our stuff. I'm sure he'll do at least one more run tonight.

Me? I'm crawling into bed to collapse.

And I was SO excited to find out that Becca has finished up her crazy paper chase today!!!!! One step closer to Becca and Rick bringing home my niece form China!


From Kim Hill's new kit "Weekend Getaway"

In house news: We should close at 3:00 Tuesday! :D

I've always like word art on walls. Those of you who saw TJ's nursery in Texas know I spent WAAAAAY too many hours steciling different star quotes on the walls. Stenciling is cute and all, but I'd like something a bit more... cool.

The other day a friend pointed me to Wonderful Graffiti. I LOVED it. But didn't so much LOVE the prices. OUCH! Ok, but I have to admit their chalkboard decals were SOOOO cool.

Anyways, being the bargain shopping momma I I found this site : Wall Words
And, oh yeh, I am SO getting this for the laundry room.

I'm looking for one other quote for the kitchen area.

I also want to start working on the table very soon. I'm going to sand and paint our old kitchen table the children have been using in the Play Room. Think I'm going to go for a black table like we always wanted.

Next week we'll also start shopping for the new furniture for the great room. I'd really like a chair like this for Tim:

You know, it's a recliner but doesn't look TOO much like a recliner?


This week we should close. We thought Monday but now it's looking to be a bit later due to a few paper mixups here and there. Grrrrrr.

Tim is working this morning. The kids are playing outside before the big storms get here this afternoon.

A lazy Saturday morning... which it shouldn't be! I should be packing up boxes.


PS Congrats to Nana and Lalo on their 14,500 pound 30'6" baby. She's a beaut!!!


Made this color blocked layout using Kim Hill's
"On The Go Kit". Love these bright colors!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday. I'm trying to catch up on my CT layouts for the month. I'll be busy all next week doing trips to the house with the van while everyone is at school.

We've yet to hear back from the builder regarding the punch list we came up with during the pre-walk through. Among the things needed to be fixed: the usual touch ups on paint, a hole in the kids tub (that I almost mistook as a bit of paint!), whirlpool switch won't turn off, and faucet needs to be re-done in master bath as well. Not really that long of a list... but I'd like to hear back from him ASAP. I as hoping he'd get it all done this weekend. I'm betting NOT at this point. Grrrr.

It's a shame Uncle Rick, Aunt Becca and Zander didn't enjoy themselves!! ;)

A few high points of the holiday weekend (in no particular order):

Happy Mardi Gras, ya'll!

Tim has to work today. We're having a pretty laid back day. Did Build a Bear this morning followed by a picnic by the Bay. This is our last day with Rick, Becca and Zander. We have LOVED having them here. MANY picture will be following this post in the next few days.

Walk through on the house is tonight @ 5:15!!!! Closing is the 26th. I can't wait to get in and start getting organized.

More later.


The brand new library was struck by lightning this morning. And WOW was it loud. Hoping the damage isn't too bad and of course, that no one was injured.

The day went from a drenching thunderstorm to gorgeous blue skies and an expected high near 70 degrees. This is winter time, right?

I returned home to a request for Kate and Cody's Digital scrapbook page to be published in Creating Keepsakes. Yah! Congrats, Kate and Cody. Your wedding pictures will be published in a magzine this summer.

Just this morning I thought perhpas I should start submitting reguarly again... but then thought maybe to stop all together. Guess that was a little shove, eh?

Lot's of kid running around errands to get done this afternoon. TJ is feeling much better today, thank goodness.

I leave you with a layout of Baby Tommy made last night for Kim's Monday Night Chat.

Top Ten Romantic Escapes. I have to agree we've got some pretty good things going on here. If only they had a Chipotle for Tim... and a major sports venue... and...

Well, we still love it, high price tag and all.

CNN Article

Hope you had a great day!!!


Yesterday was The Haven pet parade followed that evening by the KOER "Opposites Attract" themed parade. We had a few families over for the evening parade. Frozen drinks, friends and tons of kids makes for a fun night. The prize for best throw caught was won by George. We're still trying to figure out just what he flashed to score

After Church and "quiet time" (translation: leave mommy alone and let her take a nap) we went be the house to measure a few things... and of course get a picture or two.

Yep, a concrete shot... just as promised!

Becca, Rick and Zander will be here Friday. We are going to have SO much fun. Can't wait!

We give you MORE house pictures.

See... there ARE countertops in the kitchen.

And a shot from the back.


What is your favorite new song/band you've discovered?

Mine is The Cat Empire right now. "Lullaby" and "Sly" are my two favorites. Fun party kind of music. You should see Tommy car seat dance to "Sly". It is absolutely hysterical. And TJ's full body shaking of the chips is a spit out your drink kind of show.

Check them out.

I'll be back later to post pictures from TJ's Krewe of K1 Parade. He missed last year due to a nasty bout with a stomach bug (yuck). He's very excited. So check back for pictures tonight... cause you know, I have a CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!


Parade was lots of fun. The kids had a blast. At the last second the High School sent a few marching band members to play. The kids LOVED it.

I made our pitiful sign this morning. It's not even straight! Oh, man...

One of the societies had about 20 guys come out in their costumes to parade with us. As Pop Pop put it "it was quite the production"! All in all it was pretty fun. But I'm TIRED now!!!!

There's the first Fairhope parade of the season on Saturday night... I'm sure we'll post pics soon enough. So be sure to check back later for those.


I was setting up the insurance for the new house. Our current carrier makes policy holders in our county have a seperate wind and hail policy due to the past few hurricane seasons. Fine, get the first quote and then transfer departments and get the quote on wind and hail.


It's THREE times what the regular policy would be. And it would be paid in addition to the regular policy. And it's to be paid up front annually. In the event of uttter destruction by a named storm (bear in mind Tropical Depression number 34 IS named) our deductible would 2% of the allowed cost to replace the house. But NOTHING in the house would be covered.



Am I the only person having a problem with this coverage, or what?


Total crock of...


Yes, I am totally disgusted, can you tell?



Cool eh?

Head. Hurts.

And that sums up my day.

Hoping Wednesday is less of a pop meds for the pounding headache kind of day.


To end on a good note...

My camera is back home and in working condition. Repaired for free.

More pictures?!

Yep. Today I will entertain you with more pictures of our new place. Are you shocked? These are all pictures snagged from the realtor's site. I'm bummed there isn't a good picture of the kitchen. You'll have to come back ANOTHER time to see more I guess. :D


Unfinished kitchen shot. There are countertops in there... honest!

Front porch and super cool front doors. (Can you tell I'm jazzed about those doors?) This shot was taken prior to completion as well. The front and back porch are both scored and then stained a warm brown and gold color. It is SO cool. Yes, I'll bore you with concrete pictures another day.

And a close up of the built in cabinets in the Great Room.

So now we are in the process of figuring out what goes where. And what to get rid of. I feel a large garage sale coming on. Carrie, wanna come help?!

Thank you all so much for the well wishes and congratulations. We are excited, shocked, and a wee bit freaked. But I think it's going to be wonderful.

I hope everyone has a peaceful Monday.


Looking from great room to front entry

Dining would become home office/guest room

Eating area


So we went and looked at the house again. And we are planning on putting in an offer this afternoon. I'm VERY excited... and nervous.

Can you tell?

Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow this morning... so early Spring it is!

In other world news...

Digiscrapdivas has a new February Incentive Kit. For each challenge you complete you get part of the kit. You can check out details here.

I made this silly layout about Tommy using the kit. And let me apologize in advance to dear Tommy. "Sorry about the teasing you'll get from a girlfriend one day when she sees this! Love you, Tommy!"

Hope everyone has a fabulous Groundhog Day.

PS We're going to look at the house again tonight. :D

It's only 3 bedroom. But it has a dining room that can easily be converted into an office, 2.5 baths (a major plus for me), BIG laundry room with utility sink and cabinets, tile floors, and built-in cabinets in the great room. Ooooh, and it has an awesome slate tiled bathroom.

We're going to look at it tonight again.

I hope it works out...

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