Some days when I see an article like this I literally feel like I'm going to throw up.

I try hard (very hard) not to be the "oh my poor kid, he has a nut allergy" mom. But then the reality of it will slam into me head-on.

A fraction of a stupid lowly nut. Look what it could do. :(

We practice keeping him safe. We turn the car around to get his Emergency Kit when I (stupidly) forget it. We have a plan. We try to teach him without terrifying him.

And yet, one day, sooner than I'd probably like, he's going to be a teenager. He's going to believe that he's invincible. He's going to, eventually, accidently eat something with nuts in it.

Will all our planning be enough to keep him safe?

I can't let the fear rule my life.
The "what if's"
I can't.
I won't.

But days I read about a young boy making such a simple little mistake... and losing his life. On these days I allow myself a moment or two of pity... of fear.

And I pray it won't happen.


I know we are so blessed to have him a happy and healthy child (aside from a stray penny or nut here and there). And I thank God for my little unexpected miracle every day.

PS I went on to read this article that really echoes how I feel about Tommy's food allergies, bans on peanut butter etc. I feel better now ;) Pity party on my son's behalf is now over.

Tori's artwork was chosen to be part of a county wide display at the local hospital.

Tommy is home with my today. He began sneezing like crazy in Panera's when we picked up bagels for the preschool teachers. It took about 1/2 hour for it to quit. Poor thing!

I'm yet another year older today. Woo hoo! :D

Hope everyone has fun today. Later.

Lalo managed to conscript the kids for the bug gut washing of the HMS DOG GO 2.

Don't feel TOO badly for them though. The troops managed to get twice their daily rate when they failed to mention to Lalo that Nana had already paid out!

Spring Hill College was stunning with Azaleas at just about peak blooming.

Nana attempted some quiet time. Not sure how well that worked out...

And thus ends another fun day.


(I bought the new camera battery, and I'm finally back to using MY camera!)

Tommy's allergist appointment went amazingly well. Doc decided NOT to do the blood draw. We will continue to assume that he is allergic to not only tree nuts but peanuts as well.

We're going to be super busy this weekend. Nana and Lalo should be here any second. The kids are out front QUITE excited. Tim, however, is still working... poor guy!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. :D Later!

I scrapped.

It's true. And yes, 'scrapped' is indeed a verb all you non-scrappers. :P

Tim got our home office area set up tonight. And I must say... it is very very cool. My new wide screen monitor is fabulous... and FLAT (hoooooooray!) Anyways, now that I have a desk area again I can get some layouts done. And I've got some work to catch up on.

So... here's another layout using Kim Hill's Weekend "Getaway Kit"

Tommy has an allergist appointment tomorrow. I don't know if we'll do the blood draw or not. I'll talk to Tim to tonight to see how he feels about it. Like I said before we KNOW he's allergic to multiple tree nuts. Watching him have that whopper of a reaction ONCE was enough for me, thank you. I'm unwilling to risk challenging peanuts at this point just to rule them out. I'm fine avoiding both tree nuts and peanuts. Tbe ONLY reason I can see doing the draw is to have a baseline established.

House pics to come soon. Honest! We're getting all settled in. Right now window coverings are becoming my focus. We have temporary shades in the bedrooms (the simple paper ones rock when you are in a crunch!) but Summer is quickly approaching and we need to insulate these windows better. JCPEnney's is having a sale right now. I need to go check out their stuff. Hmmmmm.

Well, off to atttempt to watch LOST with Tim. I'm sure I won't have a clue what the heck is going on.


A happy belated Saint Patrick's Day to all. We had a very nice weekend here on the Gulf Coast. Weather was GORGEOUS. One of my favorite Fairhope festivals "Arts and Crafts" started Friday. Tim, Tori and TJ participated in the annual Spring Fever Chase Saturday morning.

Tim was scheduled to work but a couple of co-workers volunteered to help him get it done. So he was able to spend the day with us instaed of rushing over to work right after the run. Hooray! We had fun looking at the very creative things for sale downtown before heading home. Later that afternoon we went to a crawfish boil. Tim managaed to teach Tori how to peel and eat crawfish. Tommy and TJ had ZERO interest in them. After the kids pounded apart a wee little Leprechun Pinata we called it a night and headed out.

Sunday after church we enjoyed the arts and crafts again after church complete with a little picnic I threw together.

A nice laid back weekend. With my beloved azaleas in full bloom.

Happy Spring everyone!

Super short note to let everyone know we ARE indeed in the new place and online. Well, kinda online. My wonderful desk idea is not panning out as planned. It's KLILLING my back (which is not a good thing at this point).

More later... I promise!


In the know...

Phone numbers will all stay the same.

Home phone will not be connected until 3-15. So... if you need us you'd better try the cell phone. And don't be offended if we tell you to cut to the chase or ask you to call back after hours.

I will be mostly offline until the 15th as well. Don't be offended if your email goes unanswered for a few days! I'll try to hop online when I can.

Tim and the guys will move the big stuff on Saturday and we'll be officially in at that time!! Hoooooooray. Now, if the moving and unpacking part was just over.


Moving stinks

But Tim doesn't. He works his butt off. And that's all I have to say for today. :D

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