So, Tim had to work Memorial Day (of course). Jane and her family invited us down to the Yacht Club for the afternoon. So we hung out down on the Bay. It was lots of fun. Nice to finally see TJ and Tommy going in the Bay and not wigging out ;) For some odd reason this is the ONLY picture I have of that day. Sorry!


TJ had his first golf lesson today. Wasn't that a fun birthday gift from Gama and Pop Pop? Here he is right before his Pop Pop picked him up.


He really enjoyed it. We're going to let him do Junior Golf Clinics with this Golf Pro this summer. He also gets to participate in Golf Camp next week thanks to his Nana and Lalo. He's so excited!

And today...

YES! We finally have some rain around here. Luckily, we didn't have a single instance of "MOM... I'm bored!" Tori had a friend over to play. We cooked, painted, and played. The cloudy day made for a few great Light Saber Battles as well! :)

Click here to see some of TJ's Scrapbook Pages Online

We love you, big guy!


To celebrate TJ's birthday... we had a yardsale! Ok, so maybe not a great party. But with the cost of gas these days we needed to raise some gas money for out trip to Texas. It was a great success I think though Tim and I were totally worn out. Tim from working his hiney off, me from watching him ;)

And now... we're off to eat dinner out in celebration of TJ's birthday. Where did TJ pick? CRACKER BARREL. Hey, it's his birthday!

Starting off with TJ:

His class had their Authors' Tea on Wednesday. TJ did a fabulous job reading aloud his self authored book to a crowd of a people. I was very proud of my sometimes painfully shy little man.

TJ and a couple of friends working hard on the last day of school, Thursday.

Congratulations to TJ also for his Presidential Fitness Award. He worked really hard to earn his red award. Next year he says his goal is the blue award. (Only 20 kids in first grade were awarded that this year.) We know you can do it, TJ! :D

Tori (sorry no photos!) was pleasantly surprised to find she had a few awards at The Fourth Grade Presentations Thursday. She was a top AR reader, again. Yah, Tori! She stayed on A/B Honor Roll as well. In fact, she was just two points shy of straight A's for the year. That seemed to inspire her somewhat ;) We'll see what fifth grade brings.

Tommy enjoyed his last day of just Mommy /Tommy time by having a playdate at a local fountain. I find the below (out of focus, grrrrrrrrrrr!) photo to be an excellent study in growth chart averages. Both boys are five years old. Tommy has wavered at the bottom (at times even lower) of the percentile rankings while Avery has remained at the top (at times way higher) of the percentile rankings. Both are happy and healthy. Goes to show you kids come in every shape and size. :D And no, Tommy isn't crouching... and no, Avery isn't standing on something. And the boys are 5 months 3 days apart in age. (That should answer any and all questions I may be emailed!)

And onto the present...

Summer is here. And what better way to start the first morning of Summer Break than to chase down the street after your stupid dog while you are barefoot and in your PJs?

Wait! I know a better way... add in three barefoot crying screaming kids. I'm telling you if we didn't look WT I don't know what WOULD lookd WT. Nice. Sigh.

Otherwise we are having a somewhat peaceful day. There has only been blood shed once (not bad for three kids and a dog I'd say) and so far no one has dared say "I'm bored!" I managed to squeeze in a couple hours of work.... who'd have thought it?!
Currently the kids are creating water color masterpieces. So, I really must run admire their work.
Catch you later!

P.S. How many days of this are left?! ;)

Be sure to run over CG Essentials for this one day sale. If you are just starting out in digiscrapping this is a fabulous way to stock up!

I have a crazy busy day ahead of me with lots of kid stuff. So I am out the door.


Oh wait... and I got a job where I can work at home. Everyone say it with me now:


TJ and Tori will get out of school on Thursday. Our Summer will officially start then. So in preperation... look what I got the other day:

Aren't they so stinking cute?

Ahhhhh, Summer.

One more...

This is a picture I took of Tim and John Fall 2005. I just liked it.

Layout was made for Kim Hill's chat tonight over at Scrapbook Elements, but I forogt to use the right stuff and couldn't post it. AURGHHHHH!

So, enjoy it here instead.

Both layouts make use of Kim Hill's lovely kit Journey Kit. I also used her PDQ Template Collection #7 for quick and easy layouts.

A few people have emailed me recently about where to start with Digiscrapping.

A great resource to get you started isDigiscrapping Tutorials. My best advice? Get a trail version of a photo editing software (I use Photoshop 7.0) and just jump in! You'll be hooked in NO time.

It's a lovely day here in the South. The kids enjoyed a fun hour on the Slip-n-Slide:

Meanwhile, Tim is working hard bringing over assorted holiday items and such from the Green House. We're getting ready for a garage sale on Saturday. (Blech!)

Tommy was done with preschool as of Friday. It's true... sigh. He's already chomping at the bit to get to Kindergarten.

Here he is on his last day of Preschool.


This morning I took the kids to have their pictures done at Portrait Innovations. While I love taking pictures of them myself, it was nice to pay a whopping $10 and just be done with it. Of course the studio was MORE than happy to sell me a copy of all shots taken during the session, for a mere $120. But I stuck with my plan of $10 and lots of home photos, thank you! All in all, I was pleased with their service and will use them again.

Tori and Tommy both had seperate swim parties today. Tim took TJ out to use some of his birthday money that was burning a hole in his pants! They all had a great time. After dinner we plan to watch Arthur and the Invisibles. The kids are thrilled they get TWO movie nights in a row. TWO!

And finally, I leave you with:

The other day I was making dinner and the kids were giggling/shrieking/screaming a bit more than usual out front. A quick peek out the door verified it... my kids are weird.

Got ants?

If you hare having an ant problem... try Terro Ant Killer. It does a FABULOUS job.

Yes... we have had an ant problem. It is being resolved, however, as I type. Bwhahahahaha. Bye-bye little guys!

I find it a bit disturbing how entertaining it can be to check on the status of the ants gorging on poison. And it's hard to leave them alone as they trudge (somewhat drunkenly) along their trail. But they are ataking the poison back to the nest... so I have to just walk away.

Anyways, ant problem? Really, get this stuff... AND it's cheap!

In other non-ant massacre news...

Tommy had his five year old check up (finally) on Monday. He's back up to 32 pounds and is 40.5 inches tall. Keep on growing big guy! He is actually the highest he's ever been in the percentiles for growth. Hooray!

Of course Tommy SCREAMED when they did his finger prick. And SCREAMED LOUDER when they did his shots. His lungs work well, that's for sure.

He flunked his little eye screening at the pedi's office so today he had an eye exam with TJ's doctor.

He, of course, SCREAMED EVEN LOUDER when they did eye drops. He is farsighted (as are most children at this age) but a bit more than usual. At this point he won't need glasses and we'll recheck in 18-24 months.

Now we are home

and I'm back to cheering the wee little ant on.

Eat, little guys, eat!

Catch you later!

So Saturday was kinda busy. Tim was busy helping George on his deck roof all day long. The kids and I went to Lowes and built little herb planters.

That afternoon the kids enjoyed a pool party. Tommy, as usual, added life to the party by attempting to drown at one point. My friend about died laughing because as soon as the life guard and I had yanked him out, he was running to get right back in. That kid...

In his defense he was doing a great job. A little girl just got a bit too deep and grabbed ahold of Tommy... and down they both went.

Later than night we enjoyed a great shrimp boil with friends. We didn't get the kids in bed until after 11 p.m. Those of you that know us well know that... well, that is unheard of for us. ;)

So Mother's Day Tim and the kids took me to LuLu's for my favorite fish tacos and a margarita. Mmmmmmmmm. Later we did a bit of shopping at the outlets. It was a very nice day.

Last night was Tommy's big night. The show was a super cute Western Theme. The lobby was plastered with pictures of all the graduating kids on "wanted" posters. It was too cute.

Tommy ended up dropping his diploma and giggling as he ran off stage.

What a silly little handsome man.

Congratulations to Tommy!

Look what came today:

I was tickled to see this one in print. Even though Tim and I both got the weebies from the pile of pistachios next to the layout!

You can find this layout in the June 2007 edition of Scrapbook Trends available at your local bookstore.


Tori's Recital

Tori did a fabulous job in her recital this year. You could really see a difference in her confidence level. We were very proud of her.

She had a costume change since she took two classes (both ballet). We managed to keep all the pieces together and not have a total meltdown. (And I was even more confident in my mom duty of pinning up her hair bun too.)

All in all a good night!

I haven't had her portraits done yet but promise to do it soon. Really, I do.

So, here she is before and after dress rehearsal:

Below you can see that I had to revamp the makeup... the teachers asked me to please do it much darker. I felt like I made her look like a clown, but evidently I did right?! Don't you love this father daughter picture?

Our seats were awful for attempting to get video... so I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and buy the production copy. I promise to put up here dance when I can.

Everyone have a great Monday.


Check it out!

These are Ikea 5x5 frames, and Making Memories Chipboard words that I got at Target. 10 layouts printed at Walmart on 5x7 sheets.


Well, after a while anyways...

Obviously, Wedesday Tommy got worse pretty quickly. The pediatrician thought an overnight stay at the hospital with lots of fluids pushed would help.

Boy was she right!

Tommy declared after the second bag of fluids that "the medicine in the bag, in the tube, going into his arm made me feel much better."
How much better?
"Better than a whole car!"

I'm thinking that's a lot, eh?

Getting his IV started took 40 minutes and quite a few sticks. Then they had to restick him again when his lab work blood clotted too quickly. He was NOT pleased at all to see another needle that quickly. But after a long night, three popsicles, and a normal lab on his draw this morning (more screaming due to another needle) he got to come home.

He's taking it easy watching a movie. And Tim even got to stay home today so I could attempt to get some sleep.

We're doing MUCH better now.

Thanks for checking in on him.


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