First up: Tori has her braces off and her retainers on. She so thrilled. The top retainer is just worn at night, the bottom one is cemented in. She'll eventually have to get braces on again, but we're done with phase one for now. To Tori's delight she can, once again, eat popcorn.

Love this shot I got of TJ going down an inflatable slide at a Block Party recently. Out of focus, I know. But I still love it!

And finally... please, is he not the cutest stinking thing EVER?

Mystery hives and all. Oh, yeh, I don't think I've blogged that Tommy has been breaking out it totally random mystery hives. For now we have just decided to throw our hand up in the air about them. We have ZERO idea what is causing them. Thank God for Benadryl.

Ok, well we're off to play down by the Bay. Enjoy your Wednesday!!!

Summer Blogging

I find I take more picture in the Summer, obviously, but also find it harder to Blog them in the Summer. So, let's all face it, I'm a slacker Summer Blogger. :P

Now that we established that...

Today was the first time this Summer we went to Mass at Sacred Heart Chapel. Sacred Heart is right on Mobile Bay. Gorgeous, simple little building. It is only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. There is no air conditioning. People can come by boat if they choose (there's a small pier with a dock), ride bikes, and or simply walk from their surrounding homes. Of course we drove! ;) No set ushers (the priest calls out for volunteers). No organ, no choir, no set hymns. In fact the priest simply said at the end of Mass "Let's try 'Amazing Grace, I'll start and you jump in."


After Mass the children take turns ringing the bell. Or they can go dip their toes in the Bay.

It was a lovely way to celebrate.

I'll have to work out a better way to get pictures of the kids ringing the bell. And, yes, Tori was HORRIFIED I brought my camera along in my purse. ;)

Later that afternoon we picked up Tim's new electric weed eater. Tim also got us curtains for the great room and the office area. Thanks, Dear! I work late at night and well, you could see straight in from the street. I mean STRAIGHT in! Tim, or course, had everything hung before dinner. But we're going to have have to get 4 more panels to make it look proper. OUCH! But once we have it settled I swear I'll start posting pictures of our home all moved in!

Really, I will! :)

Until then, enjoy Summer.

Thought this was a great way for many of you to understand a child's perspective on their allergy. :)

Yesterday Tommy met a 9 year old boy with a peanut allergy. As they played in the pool I heard the little boy telling Tommy how the epi pen wasn't really "that bad." It struck me as a happy moment. I know, sounds weird. But I could see Tommy thinking "Mom was telling the truth, other kids have food allergies too!"

Have a happy Friday! We're doing the pool, Tori has a friend sleeping over, and it's (of course) Movie Night. :)


We're BA-ACK.

We got home from Texas about 5:30 p.m. Sunday a week ago. Tori and I were up at our church by 6:30 to get my room ready for VBS. Not quite sure how it happened, truthfully, but I ended up with a class of 22 first graders.

We actually had a fabulous time. There was only one tiny moment of panic when my teen helped asked how many decades in a Rosary. Uh...ummmm...Oh, LOOK! There's Father why don't you go ask him? Yes, those of you that don't know... I'm actually not Catholic myself. So this question caused a bit of panic in me! ;) I was so blessed to have wondeful teen helpers, as well as ADULTS. :) One adult went so far as to totally set up and take down our classroom. I wish I had taken pictures of what she did... hay bales eveywhere, checkered table clothes with burlap underneath, cowboy boot centerpieces filled with fresh sunflowers, all sorts of horse tack. It was SO cool. (In case you didn't pick up the theme was Western this year!)_ Anways, it was all good. Had a great time. If I'm going to be roped into helping each year I'd love to have this age range again.

So... now that I have her Momma's permission I can post a new layout I did of my new favorite little subject, Baby R. I'm not excited she's here or anything! No, not at all!

Isn't she gorgeous?


I even scrapped one of MY kids! Who knew I had it in me?

So, in a quick overview that's what's been going on. I think I'm going to put together some photos from Texas in the next few days. But don't hold your breath!



Baby Rhaya is here!
And I have to tell you that is ONE beautiful baby.
Congratulations to her mom and dad.

We can't wait to meet her one day soon.

It's true... we're alive and well. And going for some yummy Tex-Mex tonight!

In the meantime we anxiously await the arrival of John and Retta's little one sometime today. Insert a squealing picture of me jumping every time the phone rings.



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