Thanks to the new dress code the kids have a great choice in shoes this year. So, they had a GREAT time picking out shoes they just love.

And yes, Uncle Ted, Tommy has light up shoes. ;)

Thanks for the great new shoes Gamma. They were well appreciated!

I found it...

Yes, it's true. I found a dining room set I really want.

Yes, it's a WANT not a NEED by any means. But I find it fun to drool at times.

My entire adult life has been a dedicated mantra about "We don't need a dining room." Looking at houses I had "no dining" as very important. But in the house, our house, I fell in love with, there WAS a dining room. We looked at it as "well, we don't have to use it as a dining room!" Never mind the obvious dining room light fixture or the nice chair rail... ;)

We are using it as an office currently. The kitchen table that we have is REALLY not working for us. It's an odd fit around the counter and generally speaking a pain! I had planned to paint it but I just don't see the point if it's the wrong size entirely! We only have room for one guest at the table at any rate. Kinda not cool.

So, my grand plan has changed to have the dining used as, well, a dining room, but it will be used daily. Get a little breakfast table for the kitchen area, and a few barstools.

We hope to expand upstairs in about two years to include an office and rec room...

So are you getting this is a 'down the road' kinda plan? Right. That's ok, I figured it would take me a good two years to find the dining room set I liked anyways. Right? Wrong.

I am so in love with this dining plan I really want to do it NOW. But there is the matter of the furniture (a pull out couch, love seat, chair, TV cabinet....) as well as well, the COST of getting new furniture.

Aurgh!!!! Why is STUFF so expensive?

So, wanna see the set I just LOVE?

Yeh. It's Pottery Barn. Of course. To get that whole set it more than my first car. CRAZY. See, this is why I didn't go work at Pottery Barn. All my money would be spent at the store!

So, I'm snipping pictures of the set to tuck away into a 'one day' book. :) Sound like a good plan? I think so!

And there you have it... a post 100% me... no kids. ;)


I forgot to tell you all MAJOR happening at out house! Last weekend Tim and a couple of friends worked their rears off putting up our fence.

Finally, we can just let Glory out back without having to keep her on a tie out leash. Hoooooooray! And even better, no random other dogs poo-ing in our yard. Always a plus. :)

We love having a completed fence. Oh, and the best part: Tim and Michael had scavanged the majority of the pieces months before from a neighborhood fence that was free for the taking. We do love a bargain.

In kid news: TJ is on two wheels! He decided it was time after months of coasting down the driveway on two wheels. I called out "just peddle!" and he did. I think he was so surprised he just stopped. It was pretty fun to see.

Check him out:

Yesterday Tim and Mark spent the whole day helping excavate Mark's backyard in preperation for their playset. Later on the kids and I brought over a meal to help celebrate Mark and April's new baby. Their daughter was right around 7 pounds and looked so tiny. I'm having issues trying to remember the size of my babies as 2 pounds lighter. It seems impossible!

Today is a laid back Sunday. Tim, Tori and I continue to attempt to share the new Happy Potter. Oh, to be young and childless and to just spend the day reading. --sigh-- At this rate I might be done with it by Tuesday evening... probably Wednesday. If I could I would just hole up with a couple of drinks, some tissues (love allergies, don't you), and a blanket until I had read it all!!!!! Oh well.

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend.


What time is it?!! Oh my gosh.

And my kids are awake, Carrie. (Never fear, I'm not actually in my PJs) ;)

Yep, it's true. We all went this year for the final book release. As you can tell by the last picture... Tommy is TIRED! Actually we all are. Now to fgure out how to share the book between Tim, Tori and myself over the next day or so.


Check back later to see what we did Friday night!

Three videos

Swim lessons are over. Tommy decided the last two days that he was having fun. He was terrified to jump in the 'big' pool but once he did he came up the ladder gasping "OH MY GOSH! That was so cool!" Such a Tommy comment to make.

In total typical Tommy style today he jumped in the pool and realized he could kick himself DOWN to the bottom. So, without telling any of us his plans, he patiently waited his turn, jumped in and attemped to swim to the bottom. OF course all WE saw was a little kid not coming up to swim. When the teacher grabbed him (assuming he was, you know, DROWNING) he was MAD at us becuase he was trying to touch the bottom.

Oy, that kid.

TJ did an entire lane length to his delight.

And Tori got some style to her stroke. Woo hoo!

Tommy swims!

Yeh, so it may not seem like that big of a deal to most of you. He actually could swim underwater for a few seconds last Summer. But this year he just WIGGED out at lessons. Yes, he has been THAT child in class. Screaming and crying. It was NOT fun. But I really feel very strongly that swimming is one of those life skills you must have if you live in a coastal community. You know?

So I worked many long hours with him this weekend. At class today he was proud to show off to his teacher how far he can go. Of course then she took him in deeper water and he wigged and screamed and cried.


But once done with that he went back to practicing in shallow water. I'll just go to the pool everyday with him I can I guess!

Check him out.

Lessons really have helped them all tons. Wait until you see TJ and Tori. They are all doing awesome. TJ is still convinced he wants to do precompetetive swim team this Fall/Winter. Tim worries he'll waste away to nothing burning all those calories. I think it's great he's so determined to learn how to swim 'properly'.

And unless needed this will be Tori's last year of formal lessons I think. She has gained quite a bit of confidence this Summer in her swimming. Hoooray!

It's a rainy day here so after swim lessons at our indoor facility we headed home for a warm lunch and showers. Tori will be leaving shortly to go see they new Harry Potter movie with her friends. Then she get's to sleepover. She is VERY excited to say the least. Wish I was going so I could get a picture of their group. Tori is wearing her Hogwarts Robe again this year.

Seen the movie yet yourself? What did you think about it? I enjoyed this one simply because I went in thinking "It's NOT the book, It's NOT the book..." I was disappointed that some of the scenes I found most important were missing. But you can't please everyone. ;)

Have a happy Monday.

The above link will take you to a petition showing support of American Airlines to initiate nonstop service between Chicago O'Hare International Airport and Beijing, China, effective March 25, 2009.

As most of you know, we have a couple of family members in line to adopt from China.

I get so excited thinking of the day we'll finally get to meet these little ones. The wait is so long right now. It's crazy.

At any rate, signing the petition could really help out some loved ones trying to rack up some AA miles for the future trip. Thanks for taking the time!

The kids are really getting so much better at swimming.

To my delight TJ is trying to learn how to dive and can finally FLOAT. Seeing as he has maybe 4% body fat, that's quite a feat! Yesterday he graduated to Tori's class (to her disgust).

Tori's form is getting so much better. The teacher uses her to show the kids in class the right way to work on the stroke.

Tommy CAN swim but he's not happy about it! The teacher is making him swim to her and he let's her know JUST what he thinks about it. But he CAN do it!!!

Ok, so it's the fifth now. By the time we got home and got kids in bed I was NOT going to blog about the day.

Tim, of course, had to work for the holiday. (Hey, time and half at least!) The kids and I waited until Jane and everyone else was ready to trek down to the yacht club for the afternoon since we were guests of members. To waste some time we stopped by to see Pop Pop and Gama. One of the power sliding doors got jammed, right as it started to rain. It took sheer force to fianlly get it closed. Then Tommy informs me he's getting hives. Then Tori has a total wig out meltdown.

So we went back home in the pouring rain.

Of course, then Jane is ready to go down to the bay. We load BACK up, get out of the cars and the rain, which had started to let up, became a nice steady drumming rain. No lightening, no thunder. Jane and I gave up and just let them play on the waterslides and in the Bay while we got DRENCHED. Soaked to the bone drenched. Eventually George brought down his tent and we got that set up.

Tim showed up shortly after that. Hoooray! At one point TJ lost a lens from his glasses in the inflatable waterslide, by some miracle I found it. Tim got it back together. Oy, I've got to get TJ new glases soon!

Eventually around dusk the rain did let up. We passed out glow sticks to all the kids (I bought 60 of them at Target for a total of $3!) and enjoyed the fireworks later. All in all I would declare this a soggy but fun Fourth.

Hope everyone had a wonderfully safe holiday.

Enjoy the pictures. :)

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