Holiday Weekend

And poor Tim is working on Saturday... and, of course, Monday! :(

Tommy did end up going to school today. He said just before it was time to leave school he had a bad coughing spell. I've done the Ventolin (LOVE that new metered dose counter) with him twice now since he got home. There is nothing else I can give him until after dinner time time. Grrrrr. I hope this doesn't turn into bronchitis or worse, I have a bad feeling it is judging by his coughing right now.

And on that happy note...

Hope all the Lander clan is having a blast together with Nana and Lalo. Girls, be sure to stay up late on multiple laptops and have a few drinks for me! And boys, don't get too sunburned playing golf. Love to you all!!!!!!


Let's see:

I got a nasty stomach flu early Wednesday. (We're talking wicked nasty.)

By Wednesday evening Tommy started in with croup. Yes, croup. Yes, I know croup is typically seen in babies and toddlers. But trust me: it's croup. Verified by the pediatrician this morning. It's hard to miss croup! ;)

So, Tommy is on Orapred, again. And bouncing off the walls hyper. I almost hesitate to send him to school Friday as I'm afraid he'll be too bouncy! We'll see in the morning.

And that, my dears, is our update.



Oh, BzzAgent, I do so love you! Check out the newest Campaign I got in: the FLY Fusion Pentop Computer.

Tori is going to flip out over this. She has wanted one for a long time. But I couldn't really justify the almost $80 price tag!


I do so love that BzzAgent Bee. He's my friend. :)

Color me an idiot with regard to Italian deli meats. Did you know that Mortadella typically has pistachios in it?

I mean, really, who expects cross contamination issues on the deli slicer? AURGHHH!

There food allergy rant over. Back to your business. ;)

It's a pretty calm Saturday around here.

So, I give you pictures of Glory Dog.

Have a great weekend!

Froggy Mornings

Every school morning right now the children get up and look to see how many tree frogs are on the kitchen windows. The record currently stands at seven frogs.

Glory would like to add that the frogs are somewhat tasty.
And I would like to remind all frogs that I give fair warning before turning on the grill.

Other than warily watching Dean last week, we have nothing exciting to report. Dance has started for Tori. TJ and Tommy are both signed up for Soccer. And I officially drive the kids around way too much.

And that's about all I have for you tonight. :)

Below is the current projected path of TS Dean.

And below here is an old projected path of our old friend, Hurricane Ivan.

Looks a bit too similar doesn't it?

I checked out the forecaster discussion and with the very warm Gulf they are thinking Dean will be at least a Category 3. (By the way I REFUSE to call Hurricanes CAT 1 etc, that is so silly they started saying that!) Ivan was 'only' a three at landfall. Later it was said that Katrina was 'only' a three as well. I saw damage first hand from both hurricanes. Believe it or not it's even scarier in real life...

Oh well, Tim and I did a quick mental check list of our new home. Other than removing the tarp on the playset and placing the back proch items in the garage there isn't much to do. Suddenly I'm REALLY wishing we had Hurricane Garage Doors like in the green house.

Maybe this high system will stick around and push Dean away from our area? Better yet, maybe Dean will just disappear! ;)

Oh well. IF you want to keep track of current storms we have found this site to have the most comprehensive list of maps and discussions all pulled together in one place.

Red Beans and Rice.

I started a pot of Red Beans and Rice this morning. The child has been begging for a bowl since 10:30 a.m.! He had a BIG bowl for supper. Yet, after his tub he wanted MORE.

Funny boy.

We adopted one yeard old Glory back in 2001 from North Texas Weimeraner Rescue. She has been perfect for our family. Luckily, we adopted Glory right before we discovered our huge surprise: baby Tommy was on his way. Otherwise we probably wouldn't have gotten a dog. ;) So, it worked out just the way it should. :)

As you can by the pictures below she is part of the family.

Glory is starting to show her age however. Her leg/hip is really starting to bother her. No more longs walks down on the Bay with me! :(

Tim and I are looking into the idea of getting a puppy for the kids and for Glory. I can't bear the thought of having to puppy shop once Glory is gone.

We love our Glory. And we think a friend will do her good. Besides, every child needs to have a puppy in their life, right?

Around our home

Recently I found a new love: black spray paint! :)

I brought together modpodged frame hooks, cubbies, and a white framed dry erase calendar today. Love the new look in our mudroom. The names in the frame hooks were simply done in Photoshop (Amber Clegg's papers) with text and printed off at Walmart.

The front porch also saw benefits from black spray paint. We inheritated a couple of white chairs from Nana and Lalo that I adore.b (Thanks you!) The white stood in stark contrast to the house. But black is PERFECT!

So, can you see the froggy body print and footprints in the condensation? The kids thought this was so funny Friday morning!

It's been a mostly laid back project day. Tim is working TWO jobs today and the poor guy is sick too. Daddy get's a day off Sunday for sure.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. Catch you later...

And no... I didn't cry. Tommy's epipen adventures yesterday really brought home the fact that we have worked hard to help him understand his allergies. In short, my five year old son helped me "get over it". ;)

I'm so proud of each of our children. They are amazing. We're so blessed to have them in our lives. And we know it.

Now if we can just remember it when all heck breaks loose with screaming fighting kids!

See you later. :)

It's true.

All three kids are now completely ready for school.

Supplies have been delivered.
Teachers have been met.
Fees have been paid (OUCH!)
Tori And K even got their lockers decorated today in the crazy heat.

All in all a good day. Even if Tommy spent the majority of the day giving unsuspecting children, adults, and animals (stuffed and real) a jab with his epipen jr trainer. We all have the bruises to prove he knows to give it a good solid jab. If you ever have an anaphylactic reaction around my son, know you'll be safe! :)

For a back to school treat Tim even took us out to eat. (I couldn't imagine cooking in this heat... UGH!) Thanks for Dinner, Daddy! :)

So... now it's all about getting Tori, TJ and M on the bus in the morning and rushing Tommy to his school. Where are those tissues again, darnit?!

I'm sure to post pictures by lunctime I'm sure.


And all is well. While the teacher is older, she was very organized and very nice to TJ. He really like his room. And thought it was very cool to have his own desk. He left with homework for his "all about me" bag to bring to school Thursday. He's been trying to think of the perfect five things to put in the bag.

Aunt Retta and Uncle John will be thrilled to know he really wanted the family picture in front of "the big golf ball" at Epcot put in the bag. Know that is literally his favorite memory. I think all was well with his world that day. :)

TJ also got a back to school haircut today. He looks mighty handsome, doesn't he?

Note the cool new glasses from Sam's too. Wow they have GREAT prices on kid's glasses!

Later on we went to the bookstore for Tori's Girly Icecream Social with her new teacher. I couldn't pull out the camera there, Tori would have just cureld up in a ball and died I think! Never fear, I'll have pictures of the Intermediate insanity Wednesday I'm sure. The teacher is wonderful. I'm thrilled to say it's a pretty good group of girls as well. :) Now we'll just have to see about those boys.

So... our day is done. We're all worn out from errand running, filling out forms and long lines.

Come back soon for more blow by blow accounts of life with three kids! ;)

See you later.

The next three days will be non-stop fun. "Meet the Teacher" each day for each child. And don't forget the social "Meet the Teacher" for Tori's class (Girls only you know) at the local Book Store. The teacher is meeting all the girls at the bookstore for an icecream social. Only in Fairhope, I SWEAR!

Last night Tim and I had the parent meeting for Tommy's teacher. She seems lovely. I know he'll have a great year in there.

Of course I left feeling ill. I even blurted out to Tim that maybe I should homeschool Tommy the first couple of years. But, no offense Liz and other homeschool mommies, I know it's not the right fit for us. I know school is where he belongs.

So, I'm trying to have a good attitude. But I'll have tissues packed for Thursday, just in case!

Note in this picture below Tommy has a LARGE bag of Skittles from his teacher. She felt really badly that Tommy couldn't have the special M&Ms she had made for today. Tommy, didn't care so much. He got a bigger bag this way! ;)

Of course I ended up taking a bag of the cool M&Ms home for a photo op... couldn't pass it up. And a bit of chocolate helps with Mommy stress, right?

Next up... TJ meets his teacher. Fun stuff I'm telling you!

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