Soccer, of course. :)

It was too cute! I'll spare you the full 30 minutes. But I am including my favorite one. And yes, I know I will NEVER win an award for outstanding video skills. ;)

Finally, it's ordered.

Ebay is our friend. We kept looking at dresses well over $200. It was crazy. We ended up geting this for less than a fourth! Love a bargain. :)

Hmmmmm, well, at the least I may not have to take all three kids to soccer by myself on Saturday. ;)

I have a confession. It's really hard for me to stand by and not totally take over the kid's artistic type projects. But, even though it's hard, I do stand back and let them create their own art. Even if I'm itching to straighten a row of pictures, or have them print a label more neatly. :)

Tommy picked out his poster board and letters (gotta love the dollar store). He DID ask me to put his title on while he was at school (and showed me EXACTLY where it should go). He spent about 20 minutes going throught the EHD looking at scrapbook pages and picutres to pick out the perfect ones.

After a pitched battle with the counter help at Walmart (geeeeeeeesh, what a pain, I eventually had to sign a copyright release form for my own work!) we snipped them apart and he glued each and every one into place exactly where he wanted them. And, get this, I only attemped to straighten one of them. Honest!

Job well done, Tommy. :)


Today as I dropped Tommy off at school the principal and teachers were all wearing Pirate stuff. You know: eye patches, and parrots and such. Turns out it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

That cracked me up for some reason.


Really, that's all I have for you right now. :)

What a day.

Opening Day for Soccer. Both boys had games at the same time. Luckily, Tim wasn't working! Tori had a party and I had agreed to help play Taxi-Mom to get all the girls up to the Skating Rink. And then, later, TJ had a birthday party down at the Bay as well.

Crazy busy, but fun, as you can see by the pictures!

Nothing exciting to say. Our daily schedule is jam packed these days with soccer practices, dance classes, Church, Cub Scouts and a busy birthday season. Add in Miss Tori's busy social calendar and it seems we are always running!

Everyone has adjusted well to school, no issues with teachers or bullies or what not.

So, other than being REALLY busy. We don't have too much to report.

Which is a good thing, don't you think?

Have a great weekend. I'll get some new pictures up soon, honest!

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