Ah, Halloween.

Headache of headaches. Tommy's class Trick or Treated uptown from 10:00-11:30. They were exhausted afterwards. But aren't those costumes CUTE?! (In case you can't tell their class had spider shirts with webbing hanging off their arms...)

TJ's class had a simple Halloween snack outside. Check out the cool cheese fingers I made for it!

This evening Tori has Jazz followed by a party over at K's. Meanwhile the boys will be attending a party over with the their friends. We'll meet up for some post party trick or treating... and the collapse.

-----> No pictures, folks. Sorry, I forgot my camera card!!!!! :(

Oh wait... I still have to work four hours after they get in bed. Oh. My.

I may almost hate today.

(Told you, Michael!)

:) Oh yeh, Tim and TJ are going camping with Boy Scouts today. TJ is excited... and so is Tim, well, sorta.

Think they'll run into any BIG pigs?

I bet they end up having an amazing time. I can't wait to hear all about it. Meanwhile... I'm dropping Tori off at Pop Pop & Gama's to earn some cash (for, what else, a Webkinz) while I plan to outright bribe Tommy with McDonalds if he'll just let me get some work done!

Everyone have a great weekend!

Ha! Love it. Tim found this today. And yes, we'll get some Yoda stamps for sure. The boys play Star Wars Lego constantly... well, when they are not watching the Disney Cruise Line DVD. :)

Yoda Stamp Story

I'm off to bed. I'm so blessed to have the job I do... but I'm still working to figure out my mommy/school schedule along with 30 hours per week. Ack! How in the WORLD do you do it, Becca and Carrie? Really, I bow to your great woman skills. I ain't got 'em... well, yet!

Love to all.

Well, it took over 13 months from the time she started classes after school, but finally Tori took her First Holy Communion.

Nana and Lalo drove in from Texas. Mass was celebrated down at Sacred Heart Chapel on Mobile Bay. If you recall from a previous Summer Blog post this is the chapel our Church offers Mass at during Summer in addition to the main campus. Today was the Parish Picnic too! Added bonus: built in party ready for Tori. ;)

Oh, and let me take a second to point out that our Church Picnic rocks. Live music (jazz),outstanding food: hotdogs, hamburgers, and SHRIMP (oooooooh!) as well as beer and wine and softdrinks are all served. Everyone brings a side to share. Games and fun for the kids. (Tori and Kaylee did the egg toss!) Just a really fun picnic right on the bay. Lovely.

Fr. Williams did a wonderful job of making the day a little extra special, even presenting her with a gift from the Church at the end of Mass.

Of course, in typical Tori style... the dress was stained before Mass had even begun! Totally not her fault, poor thing. Someone left a red piece of sucked on candy in the pew. You guessed it, Tori sat right on it. --sigh-- She handled it pretty well, truthfully!

So, all in all a wonderful day.

Thanks to Nana and Lalo for coming along to celebrate Tori's special day.

Enjoy the pictures! :)

Truthfully I'm very very tired. And I should be in bed. So, instead I'm updating the blog. Makes total sense, eh?

This week:

Me. I started a 30 week work schedule. Sadly, I'm super slow and methodical, so 30 hours is truthfully more like 65 hours. --sigh-- I'll have to work on that. So, I am twitchy eyed sleep deprived. Not always a good thing!

Tori. Drove. Me. Crazy. Really. Ten is not all is cracked up to be. I'll leave it at that.

Tweens suck. Yes, I just said, er, typed that. But she is awfully cute, eh?

TJ. Started Golf Lessons again. LOVES them. Had his first goal in soccer. I'd like to claim it was his first goal of that game... and not his whole life. But, I attempt to be truthful. So, he got his first goal in soccer. Ever. Of course, I wasn't there. :( But Tim called me with the exciting news. So, it's good.

Tommy. Had his Teddy Bear Picnic at school. It turned into a bit of a cluster ___ I'll just leave it that I am VERY glad we have him wear Medic Alert and be so vocal about his food allergies. I will have to speak to the school about alerting substitutes etc. Scary.
Beautiful cookies. Too bad Tommy couldn't have one.

I don't think he cared about the cookies. Note the jeans that I was told to put on him for Friday. We wear uniforms here so that was a BIG deal. Unluckily, the teacher had the date wrong. Oooooops. Oh well.

Tim. Works too hard, too many hours. And then reclaims the green house yard from nature over the course of more than 3 hours. It does look good! And he brings me flowers. Isn't he the best? :)

That's our weeks. Take it or leave it. But that's what it was... well, sorta. ;)

Edible Enemies
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But not quite here. :) We had a beautiful weekend here in Alabama. If only it were about 15 degrees cooler. Well, I'll take the lower humidity at least.

Mass was a bit on the longish side on Sunday. By the time we got home and ate it was well after 1:00. About the time I thought I enjoy a bit of quiet while Tim watched the game, the phone rang. One of TJ's firends was inviting him to meet up at the park. Instead of quiet I enjoyed a bit of shopping and then the park with all the kids. :)

TJ's picture ended up all blurry, so you have to settle for the other two T's for today.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. And Nana, have a nice birthday! :)

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