Or, as Tim calls it: the really pricey night light. :D And no, our's has nothing in it yet. Well, that's not true. It has sand and water!

Santa came a bit early this year (from over the Green House way) and set us up with a really cool Oceanic BioCube 14. Thanks PP and GM!!!!

So, it's in place, live sand and salt water in, pump running.

And it's mocking me. So I've been reading and reading and reading and reading... and reading some more. Too many choices. People tricking out their tanks. Freaking me out.

Finally, some kind soul on a nano reef forum took pity on me and is mentoring me, so to speak. They are sending me great info on a step by step basis. So, I feel MUCH better.

My first big step is to go pick up some live rock in the morning. I'm supposed to set it up the way I want, then plop in a raw shrimp and walk away for the next two weeks.


Sounds good doesn't it?!

In this time frame some fun stuff is supposed to start growing on the live rock. I can't wait to see what shows up!!

Then we get to start adding fun stuff like snails and crabs and a LIVE shrimp.

When we return from the cruise we'll finally get our clown fish, Fred (and possibly George). :-D

If I could dream up a tank I'd love it to look similar to this:

His tank is the same size as mine. So I have high hopes, but plan to take it ONE step at a time.

So, welcome to me NEW obsession.


Yes, he requested apple pie for his birthday cake.

Looks like a pretty good day to me. That he gets to watch football on his new TV from me. :-D

So Tim had to work this morning. The kids and I hung out, cooked and watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade from start to finish.

Tim was home before 1:00 and, since he gave me heads up, dinner was on the table in a timely manner.

Changes to our menu this year: sweet potato pie instead of pumpkin pie (super duper yummy I might add!), added lite sausage seasoned with sage to the cornbread dressing (which Tommy ate a good amount of!), and cranberries. Yep, cranberries. Ok, the truth is, neither Tim nor I are really big on cranberry jelly stuff or even fresh cranberry salad. But a cranberry margarita? Oh YEH!!!!! Can we say: new tradition?!

While we waited for Daddy to get home the kids and I decided to veto the "The Bee Movie" in favor of "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium". I'm glad we did. Tori saw Enchanted yesterday and said she didn't think the boys would like it. From what I saw on the previews I agreed. Turns out the one we saw was the only G-Rated choice anyways! So, I'm glad we went that way.

Oh, at any rate: waiting for Daddy to join us the kids went to the movie website for MMWE and made some toys:

Tori's Pig
TJ's Monster
Tommy's Robot

And then we pigged out.


We're back from the movie. Leftovers have been eaten and put away again, dishes done, kids in bed... and we're about to collapse ourselves.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

It's tradition in Tommy's kindergarten class to have Turkey Cookies from some pricey bakery in New Orleans that are specially ordered each year. Of course being from a bakery, they are not safe for Tommy or his pn/tn allergic classmate either. The teacher asked me to make safe cute decorated Turkey Shaped cookies for Tommy and M.

Look, I don't like to decorate cookies. I suck at it big time. I can't even roll them out and cut them out. There, I admitted it. I cannot decorate cookies to save my life.

So... driving to school today. I started to panic. Maybe I should just take the ole' standby, Oreos and call it a day. But then I thought about it and realized with holiday coming up they will miss out on MANY class treats. So screw the Oreo idea.

Knowing I was in a time crunch I grabbed some Rice Krispie treats (prepackaged, thank you) and some fruit roll ups and tried a variation of last year's Thanksgiving Feast Cupcakes. (I got the original idea from Family Fun!)

I think they work great. And I bet the other kids will be jealous. HAHA!


Friday when I picked up Tommy I casually flipped through his folder like I do every single day. I opened up the folder and stared, uncomprehendingly, at the mad looking Indian on the behavior chart. Why was the Indian mad? I turned around to ask Tommy what that meant and he BURST into tears.

"Fr-fr-fr-fr-fr FROWNY FACE!" he finally managed to sob out.

Still I don't get it.

You see, this is my third year to have a child in Kindergarten. I have gone through countless daily notes since the Fall of 2002 and never encountered a single frowny face.

I didn't know if I should laugh or cry along with poor Tommy.

Well, turns out little wild man got into a fist fight with a friend. The kid had hit Tommy a few times so... Tommy punched him in the eye. Oh dear.

I've said it once, I'll say it before: he may be little but I am NOT worried about him holding his own.

So. It's happened. The dreaded frowny face finally showed up.

It's a mommy milestone for sure. By the way, I decided it was best to laugh. But not until Tommy got a very stern talking to about fighting. :D

Soccer Season

... is over. And I can't say I'm sad! ;-)

Boys had a good time. TJ improved tons. Even managed a few goals.

Tommy. Tommy recently confessed he just wanted to play this season to get another medal. See... he had misplaced his medal from the year before.


Next time he asks to sign up for a sport I'll make sure there are no ulterior motives.

M came along for the fun of the last day of games. Tori had spent that night over at a friend's house to her delight.

Fun was had by all.

Tim started staging our Christmas decoration in the garage. Today I put up my beloved Willow Tree Nativity. We'll start on the tree and other decoration after Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving. We were unable to travel up to Atlanta to be with my brothers and my parents as well. Tim wasn't off the days around Thanksgiving. And now he's even scheduled to work Thanksgiving day. Well... THAT stinks!

Oh well, we will have a nice quiet day. Tim will just work a few hours at most and then be home for our turkey and all the trimmings. Following our little family tradition, we'll go see a movie that afternoon.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Hives suck.

I'm just saying!

Tommy calmly announced he was getting hives. Sure enough, he is getting lots of them. I've dosed him with antihistamines. He's being really calm. I'm VERY proud of him.

I think doc was spot on with his declaration that the hives this summer were from a possibly environmental allergy. Tommy has been sneezing a lot the past week.

Fun stuff.


TJ's Show

TJ's school had a darling show today for Veteran's Day. TJ's class played the bells. Of course I sat in the WORST place and could literally not see him. So the video... stinks. Blah. He did a great job and really belted out all those songs!!

Afterwards he got to go home and play with his best bud, Owen.

On the way to school today Tommy announced that maybe we should get a teeny tiny shark for the fish bowl. So when our goldfish got sick the shark could just eat them so they (the goldfish) wouldn't die. ??????? Yes, he hadn't thought that one all the way through, had he?!

Tori is still a tween. And really, that's all I have to say regarding that. Wait: I lied. AURGH!!!!!!!! Now I'm done with that subject.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week. We're busy... and tired. But enjoying the cooler weather! :D


I'm sitting here working, Tori is in her room reading, TJ and Tim are at soccer... when suddenly from the family room Tommy BURSTS into song as he plays Star Wars Lego on the XBox. What is my all-boy child singing?

"It's the START of something new!"

Oh yeh. High School Musical.

Quickly followed by "hallelujah" cause, evidently that is what is being sung by the Ewoks at the moment.

Oh my.

Did I mention he proudly says "AURGH" when in the bathroom doing his business. Yeh, suddenly number two is associated with pirates?

Oh dear.

I have weird kids.
Ok, back to work. ;)

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