Yesterday a little voice was telling me to go on Tommy's field trip. Then my friend called and told me there was a sub and we needed to go, just in case. Principal ended up going along with us as well, she carried the emergency kits for Tommy and M.

So, finished up work and ran up to meet them. During story time at the bookstore I noted Tommy was itching his upper leg some. When they finished up I found he had hives starting to move down his leg. I gave him some Benadryl and all continues on fine. No further reaction like before. I assumed it was a contact reaction of some kind at the store.

But when we were in the van leaving school he told me that the substitute served gingerbread cookies another mom had brought in to school. They were in a 'big white box'. Thus I assume, a bakery.


I'm so sad that this fell through the cracks. That they sub told him 'gingerbread doesn't have nuts' , that he accepted it.

The truth is he can't have anything from a commercial bakery as the risk of cross contamination is too high.

I am happy it was a very mild reaction. I'm betting it was traces of peanuts not tree nuts as he seems to have milder reactions to peanuts at this point. Cashews, pistachios and walnuts are his big ones we think.

Anyways: later that night I was very proud of Tommy (and the other moms truth be told) at a huge birthday party. When offered cake Tommy said "No ,I can't have that, thank you." (I was standing right just in case!) And the others moms, instead of fussing and making a big deal about it simply said "Oh, we are so sorry, is there something else you'd like?" And that was that. No theatrics and "Oh! Could that KILL you?" So, food allergies ended on a positive note.

But I'm still miffed at the school. Grrrrr.


You are a great mom....

8:56 AM  

Ahhhh B your poor nerves and I can't believe the stupidity some people have. Poor sweet little Man! Glad hes ok and keep up the good work!

Loads of Love!

11:42 PM  

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