Merry almost Christmas Eve

TJ cracked me up today.

"Mom, it's 'm-a-r-y' Christmas, right?"

Uh, no, buddy, 'm-e-r-r-y'.

"But mom, Mary had baby Jesus."


Ok... there is some kid logic for you! :-)

TJ is sick and on lots of meds right now. He has a sinus infection and bronchitis. Luckily our pediatric group has weekend hours. So I managed to get him in Saturday. For the first time in FOREVER he did NOT need a chest xray when he got the ick. Hooray! He was stunned he didn't need a picture. :-) I am giving Advair props for this one. Unluckily, Sunday night he developed croup... again. And yes, I STILL remember that he's 'too old' to get that. But I promise you... it's croup.

As luck would have it I had a stash of Orapred on hand. Hmmm, wonder why we keep that on hand? I'll call the doc for more in the morning. But it's helping.

But doing his meds tonight meant two puffers, nose spray and three 'nasty worse than garbage' liquid meds. Poor kid!

We have Christmas Pageant rehearsal in the morning. Wait until you see Tori costume and learn how slacking I was on it! And Tim is dropping of my van for it's huge milestone of a service. We're over 100k on my minivan now. Woo hoo!

Oh, and aquarium update of the day: we have two confirmed tiny feather dusters, as well as two bristle worms. I had to send a hermit crab to time out for trying to out a snail from it's shell.

And that is... in a nutshell... life at this moment.


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