So TJ is still sick

I called his pulmonologist today for advice and was told to come in... NOW. Ok, get my act together (along with the form for the cruise) and get out the door. We spent a little over an hour at his office. Doc feels he has an atypical pneumonia (AKA 'walking pneumonia') or perhaps whooping cough even.

We did testing and we'll get a call in the morning to see just what the heck it might be. The one whooping cough test takes over a week to get back. Grrrr. TJ was NOT pleased to have to have a blood draw at all. (Oy that child can scream loudly!)

Anyways, he's on more steroids. And doc wants us to keep an epipen around for him at all times too. Says he'd rather we keep it nearby just in case. When he was three he did need epinephrine in the ER for a bad asthma attack. So it should not be such a big shock to me...

But somehow it bums me out. Does that makes sense? I used to joke that I had some on hand just in case anyways for Tommy. Now we can keep even MORE stashed around. Oh well, it's good stuff and works like magic. ;-)


I'm off to work. Night!


Awwww Sweet Pea! Thats no fun tell TJ we hope he feels better and sorry he's sick. Hugs Aunt Kate and Uncle Cody.

8:33 AM  

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