1. Appreciate the life I have been given.
2. Get the boys haircuts after school.
3. Tori and K to Jazz at Civic Center and then Church afterwards.
4. Make alterations to costumes.
5. Get May's calendar ready to go.
6. Do water change to aquarium.
7. Make the grocery list already!
9. Find place for our beautiful new Japanese Red Maple from Gama.
10. Call vet about Glory's nasty growth. (Yuck!)
11. Check up on Becca.
12. Check up on Retta and the new baby!!!! :)
13. Call Special Ed back about Tommy's formal health plan.
14. Get schedule for TJ and Tori's field day this Friday.
15. Pick up gift for birthday party Saturday.
16. Pick up gift for TJ's First Holy Communion Sunday.
17. Order flowers for Tori's Recital Saturday.
18. Charge camcorder and get down tripod.
19. Breathe.
20. Work.

There is no nice way to put it.

I remembered about 6:30 a.m. that it was teacher treat day at the K1 Center and I needed to go buy paper plates, napkins and forks.


The school called me to come get a crying throwing up Tommy about 10:00 a.m. I got there and he was FINE. He has eaten through out the afternoon with nary a problem. Of course, being a paranoid parent of a food allergic kid I'm convinced it's linked to tree nuts or peanuts. Just kidding... sorta. ;-) Barfies.


Tim had to come home to watch Tommy because Tori had a med check appointment today. Tim arrived in plenty of time for me to get Tori and do some pre-recital shopping for hair stuff. We get to her appointment and she insists that nothing is wrong. Sigh... doc sets up counseling to resume.


Get Tori to pseudo dress rehearsal with her hair in a bun as required... barely. Run some errands. Finally find the elusive blond hairnets at CVS. Get back to pick up Tori and find that she doesn't have on her ballet slipper to practice.


Yeh, she has lost them. Do you know how much those cost?! I can't see straight I am so mad at her. Then when I say 'Hey, honey, make sure you quit grinning so much and acting silly, this number is more serious.' She informs me 'to shut my mouth,' and my opinion 'doesn't matter.'


I get home in such an awful temper I can barely see straight. She tears up her room to 'look' for the shoe.


And now I just want to go curl up in my bed and have a good cry.


Wait, I still have to work quite a bit today due to the barfies, Tori's appt, and Tori's dance stuff. Oh, and did I mention my LOVELY daughter informed me I had a 'stupid' job that a 'monkey could do.' So, all the work I do to pay for, say, ballet and jazz and everything else. It's just monkey work.



A grumpy put out mom in Alabama, signing off.

Well, according to Tim, the MOST important thing to happen this weekend was his beloved NFL Draft. Even the stuffed animals got into the gig.

TJ had a retreat for church. Next weekend is his First Holy Communion. Tommy was invited to a party at the local public pool, so I just took all three kids along (and paid for Tori and TJ of course!) They had a blast.

Then of course, the MUCH anticipated
High School Musical On Ice. How anticipated? I got an email about the upcoming show and showed Tim. We thought the kids would love it. So we got tickets. Precious tickets.

Only problem? When I checked the website to show the kids we found out it was April. 2008.

Yeh, um, I got the email back in Spring of 2007. Oh yeh, we got these tickets more than a YEAR in advance. Oh boy.

Anyways, thought they did a great job and the kids enjoyed it. We were cheap, er, thrifty and Tim took the kids to Wal Mart after church to get treats. Everyone was just as happy as could be. About half way through the show there was this noise like 10,000 ball bearing being dropped.

Yeh, that would be Tommy dropping a whole box of Runts. I just about choked laughing when we found them as far as the hallway at intermission. Oooooooops!

Had a good time. We're back home. I have a tad of work to do and then we're chowing on some fajitas.

And that, my five loyal readers, is our weekend.


Yes, I have a very simple sense of humor, I totally admit it.

I swear, one day I'm going to get him and just hide him in my garden. There to always amuse me. Go see him here.

Now, I do have to admit to laughing out loud at a $65 gnome. That is... silly. $19 is still absurd, but not spit out your coffee absurd like the 18" one.

*edited to add: ooops, original link was wrong... fixed it. But this is to a different store. Weird.

That's all.

As you were.

So, Jane calls to let me know there is a sub in Tommy's class she does not know. I ask her to just double check and make sure she is aware of the allergy.

Not only was she NOT told but she has no idea how to handle an allergy like this. And, get this, they were going on a field trip. (Just walking to the ballet, but STILL.) If Jane had not told her they would have left without the epi pen.

I am near tears angry.

I'm not going to call the school until I can get myself calmed down. And then I think I will skip calling the school and move straight into calling the district instead. But then again, I'm not sure.

See, my only concern is the backlash I will feel from this from the teacher being offended that I didn't come to her first. (And I HAVE gone to her first numerous times now about notifying substitutes.) I have to keep Tommy safe, of course, but you also have to watch your step in a small community like this. She could easily label me the 'crazed food allergy mom' and I've worked HARD to be taken seriously as the non-theatrical food allergy mom. You know? It's hard to try explain how serious this food allergy is and why you can't allow bakery items etc... you will almost always get the lovely 'eye roll.'

*Remember, people, we have a food allergic child but we do have EYES and can see you roll your eyes at us... geeeeeesh.




So, once I'm done working I'm going to refresh myself on Tommy's legal rights for protection at the school and then move forward from there.

Wish me luck that I won't go all crazed theatrical crying momma bear.


Thanks to all that took one for the team and helped taste test the difference in the cookies. Tori sure did appreciate your help!

Oh and before I get any questions... yes, those are peanut butter cookies. And no, Tommy didn't taste test. Long story short, we didn't have enough sunbutter on hand and we went with the simplest kid friendly recipe I had. And Tori did not share with any peanut allergic friends. So... there you go. I know, I know... people will probably wig I let her make peanut butter cookies. But we all choose our comfort levels. I was okay with us doing it and cleaning up well afterwards. Tommy was fine. :-)


Check out what Tim is getting to Bzz about!

edited to add: BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! I got in too... and Kate... and Becca as well. Sweet.

This is the Harmony® One Advanced Universal Remote and he is pretty excited to be giving it a test drive soon. I'm sure he'll let you know ALL about it.

That's all... as you were.

Hmmm, maybe I need to set loftier goals for myself, eh?

I started to put all the pictures into a post, but there were just too many. We went out to Austin to help out Becca and Rick with Zander while Becca is on strict bedrest getting her little ZPack a bit bigger and stronger before they finally arrive. Nana/Lalo, Kate, and Rick's mom all had their turn, so it was time for us to head out. Not sure how much help we were since I brought along my three ANGELS. But I know we got Zander tired... maybe too tired? Sorry B!

We had a great time. And we even got to visit Uncle Rick at one of his stations. How cool is that? We did Frog Night at the Wildflower Center. Went out shopping at Ikea... and Fry's... and Central Market. We even had a date night out at Chuy's from Becca and Rick (wow, how nice was THAT?) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

As we left Becca was having contractions, quite a few. As Rick was waving goodbye he simply said 'It's okay, they didn't arrive on your watch!' Too funny. Anyways, here are some pictures from our big adventure. Enjoy!

Well, we're in Austin and I've been a bit busy!!!!

But I have fun pictures to share when I get home.

Everyone have a great week and we'll post a long update later. Honest!

PS Look where we went today. Woo hoo!!!!

We managed to pull of surprising my mom for her 70th birthday. Both my brothers came in town. Dan took her out for a long lunch while Dad ran last minute errands. Meanwhile the kids and I set up the house for the party. We didn't hide the cars or anything but when Dan pulled up to the house she commented about all the cars at the neighbor's house and then said 'Oh! They aren't at Virginia's!' We all went out on the porch and simply said 'SURPRISE!'

It was great to see her so shocked.

After the guests left we had gumbo (not as good as my usual darnit, I don't know WHAT happened) and amazing steaks. Yummmmy!

We all decided she must have enjoyed her party. We're so glad!!

And our family portraits out front.

Yes, we let the kids have a goofy picture again. :)

Actually the official name is 'play day' but anyways. He had a blast... and still is as I type this.

Yeh. We had a pretty good I would say.

Zoo Fieldtrip

Yesterday Tommy's class went to the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo in Gulf Shores. This is the Zoo featured in Animal Planet's 'The Little Zoo that Could' series. Features their evacuation and subsequent return after the devastation of Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

I have to admit I have harbored a strong dislike towards this Zoo for some time. Tori's class was, literally, the first group allowed to tour the Zoo when it re-opened. They had no business re-opening like that. They put the need for money to keep the Zoo going over the safety needs of the kids in my honest opinion. The wolves got out while we were there... yes, out. They told us to 'just be calm' as the wolves go loping past us. Tigers could swipe out underneath fencing at passing children. It was just not a good idea. And I'm so glad no one was injured.

Anyways, I'm happy to report that the Zoo was looking really nice this time. They have done a great job. Kudos to them.

'Chucky' the alligator. This big guy escaped during the hurricane. Was quite the missing celebrity until he was returned! Tommy's favorite animal there. Well, actually that changed at times. So, I guess ONE of his favorites!

Another favorite. This little guy was hopping straight towards my personal favs (not) the wolves. Oy!

See? Someone was looking forward to a little snicky snack.

Your stupid blog won't let me post!!!!!

So, I've taken matters into my own hands.

Love, Berta. :-)

Oh yeh. And no I won't post a picture. So don't ask.

But it is awesome. Really. I have some pretty crappy haircuts here in Alabama. Insert your redneck joke of choice here -----> but this girl I found, Mindy, yeh, she rocks. I think I love her.


The BzzAgent Troll has been secured by Kate. Rock on, girl! I so owe you some tasty chocolate strawberries when you visit.

This morning Tommy chose Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast. For snack today I brought up popsicles to share with his class.

They all sang 'Happy Birthday' and he got the 'Birthday Boy' pin and badge. And even a present from the 'Birthday Box' in his room. Then they enjoyed snack outside.

Pretty good way to start a birthday, don't you think?

I mean... REALLY. What better day for a surprise post-vasectomy baby to be born on than April 1st?!

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