Yeh, two weeks ago, TJ shows me his teeth. Both adult teeth on each side of his top front teeth are trying to come in. Problem is the baby teeth are barely loose. Eh, I figure, no biggie, give it a week or two the baby teeth will get loose, and the adult teeth will drop in.


Last week TJ shows me that both adult teeth have come in... totally come in. High above the baby teeth. Hmmmm, a tad weird. So today I take him to the dentist assuming he'll say 'yep, we'll pull out these baby teeth and the adult ones will drop down.'

He peers into TJ's mouth and says, in an obviously very surprised tone, 'These aren't eye teeth!' Uh, yeh, I knew that, so? Apparently it is not uncommon for this to happen with eye teeth. But for these two teeth to break through symmetrically so high, well, in our dentist's words, 'That's just weird. Plain weird.' Great, I have weird kids. (Like THAT is a news flash.)


He spent a good five minutes having TJ bite down, he wiggled some teeth. Then declared that I'd have to see the orthodontist first.

Oh, for goodness sake!

Bear in mind Tori goes into phase two of her braces in September. I think, I think I need a drink. And a winning lottery ticket if you please.

That's all.


Well we have a winning baby lottery ticket here but no money tickets so if you find some let me know :) Love ya'll and sorry for the dentist fun!

6:10 PM  

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