You have to understand... I have NEVER had an appointment at the allergist take less than 2.5 hours. EVER. It just never happens.

Doc spent about 20 minutes talking to us. Even though we had talked about doing a blood draw and trying to figuring out the blasted mystery hives, Doc changed his mind. He had been thinking about it (and had called another doc about it as well) and had decided it was waste of money and time to do the testing.

By the way, remember the hives the other day? Yeh, they were not hives. Yesterday the 'hives' were back in the same spot. I was pretty sure they were not hives at that point. Kids fessed up to 'stirring' a fire ant pile. Yeh, they were fire ant bites. Sigh. Doc thought one on his ankle might be getting infected as it was pretty warm and redder than the other. Wanted me to call if we saw the lovely red streak or anything. Fun. I found it terribly amusing that I was assuming hives would show up, so Tommy said 'hives' and I said 'hives' as well. Sigh... anyways, back to the appointment

He double checked for pressure hives, cold hives, warms hives, hives that show up when you 'write' in the skin, and even asked about emotions when they show up.

Concluded he was a kid that was going to hive and that he could grow out of it. Zyrtec works so we'll stick with that.

End of story. We were out the door right at an hour.


Fingers crossed we won't need to take Tommy back until next Summer. :)


Yahoo. So what did you do with the extra hour and a half you had planned into your schedule?? :)

10:17 AM  

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