Weekend fun

Well, after dropping K and Tori off for the Summer Bash party at K's house, I ran to get the van estimate done among other errands. Guy thought right around $2k and they'd have to have it for a week. Did warn it could go double that if there was some more damage to the frame. Hard to tell. Ugh. Luckily, the guy's insurance did cover a rental for me as well. Phew! I am SO grateful he came in to tell me. Many people would have just driven off.

Our dream car, since Kate asked, for late 2009 is the Acadia
or the Saturn version of the same thing: The Outlook. The van has been really good to us, I do sometimes think maybe we should get another Honda van. Guess we'll see in a little over a year or so!

Okay, off to do some work. Tim is doing the lawn and I have a big pot of red beans going for tonight. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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